Question: What is meant by silent They sleep in the poem The Gift of India?

Silent they sleep by the Persian waves, Scattered like shells on Egyptian sands, The poet here offers a brilliant images by similes to commemorate the sacrifices made by Indian soldiers during World War I.

What is meant by raiment or grain or gold?

She asks if there is anything that was withheld by her such as “raiment or grain or gold.?” She has sent the priceless treasures torn from her breast (symbolically meaning the way it was taken away forcibly) to the countries of the East and the West.

What do gifts symbolize in the poem The Gift of India?

Gifts symbolise the brave sons of Mother India i.e. those Indian soldiers who fought on the foreign lands without fearing death.

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What is the theme of Gift of India?

Dealing with the theme of courage and selfless sacrifice, The Gift of India is also an ode to the unsung heroes, the children of Mother India who laid their lives for others.

What does this line mean to the drum beats of the duty?

The line “to the drum beats of duty” means call for duty. In other words, India soldiers did their duty without any fear or hesitation.

Who is personified in the poem The Gift of India?

India is personified as Mother India in the poem The Gift of India.

Who is being addressed in the poem The Gift of India?

Explanation: the speaker of poem the gift of india is the mother india. this is adressed to foreigners especially the british. the purpoase of the speaker is that mother india has not witholded anything from anyone but she sacrficed her brave sons to british to fight the world war 1 .

Why are the graves alien in the poem The Gift of India?

This poem was written during 1st world war so the indian soldiers were merged woth British and they fought in France and Flanders and many other foreign places . they died there. so they were burried in the graves of foreign places and not in india . therefore the graves are referred jere as alien graves.

How ATP is the title of the poem The Gift of India?

The gift of India​ is the most appropriate title for the poem as it honours all the Indian soldiers that India had gifted to the British during the World War I. … India had given a huge number of soldiers to the British Army during the First World War.

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What does Mother India say about her sons?

Answer : Mother India remembers the sacrifices made by her brave sons in a proud, celebratory tone. … However, the priceless gifts they received were her brave sons – the brave Indian soldiers. Her sons fought for them and laid down their lives in foreign lands. They were really brave and devoted soldiers.

What is the conclusion of the poem The Gift of India?

The conclusion of the poem Gift of India is that many brave Indian soldiers sacrificed their previous lives for the sake of their country. They did not fear the death and fought till their last breath. Hence we should remember them and what they did for our country.

How does the poem gift of India express both lament and pride for Mother India?

She gives expression to the voices of countless Indian mothers whose sons have fought in the war. … In the poem The Gift of India the lament which Mother India has is that her brave sons, the soldiers, went to the war and died like pearls on the other country and scattered like shells on foreign land.

What gifts did Mother India gave to the world?

ANSWER: as mentioned in Naidu’s poems, the rich gifts that mother India gave the world are the raiment, grain and gold. This refers to all the resources from agricultural productions to priceless metals which the foreign colonisers took to their country while they were ruling India.