Best answer: What is the staple food eaten in Chennai?

1. Idly – The Best Street Food in Chennai. Being the staple food of Tamil Nadu, Idli is readily available on almost every street corner. It is made from rice and is usually served with sambar and coconut chutney.

What is the most popular food in Chennai?

Street food of Chennai

  • Idli and Sambhar, a common dish in Chennai.
  • Dosai Chutney Hotel Saravana Bhavan.
  • Onion Tomato Uttapam.
  • Pongal with chutney, sambar, vada.
  • Vada sambar chutney.
  • Milagaai Bajji or Chilli Bhajji.
  • Biriyani.
  • Pista Kulfi.

What is the staple food of Tamil?

Rice staples, Tomato Rice, Paruppu, sambar, rasam, poriyal and koottu are added with butter or curd to prepare pachadi. Dry and fresh fruits or vegetables are also used to prepare traditional cuisine. They serve salt, pickles, payasam, and aviyal.

Which one is a popular snack from Chennai?

Bhajjis, a well-known mouth snacking dish, similar to pakora is a snack that is popular in many parts of India. It is one of the loved dishes for the people of Chennai. Served with spicy chutney and a plate of hot and spicy bhajis is for sure going to boost your mood.

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What is the main food eaten in Tamil Nadu?

Idli. The most famous dish in Tamilnadu, as well as the whole southern region is Idli. Prepared with a grind mixture of soaked rice and white lentil, Idli is best to eat in the breakfast time.

Which fruit is famous in Chennai?

Mango and Banana are the leading fruit crops in Tamil Nadu accounting for over 81% of the total fruit production. Mango holds nearly 53% of total fruits area.

Why rice is the staple food of Chennai?

Whereas West Bengal produces 15.75 million tonnes of rice, Tamil Nadu produced 7.98 million tonnes of rice in the year 2016. Being such a high producer of rice, makes this food readily available to the people of the state and this is the reasons that rice is the staple food for people living in West Bengal and Chennai.

What is the second staple food of Tamil Nadu?

Second staple food of the people of Tamil Nadu is Millets.

Which chutney is mostly eaten in Tamil Nadu?

Mathanga (pumpkin) chutney

In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, chutneys are mostly prepared using coconut, tomato and shallots. In Karanataka, special chutney made with camphor leaves is eaten with rice.

Which language is spoken in Chennai?

Tamil spoken in Chennai uses English words liberally, so much so that it is often called Madras bhashai (Tamil for “Madras language”). Other languages spoken in the city include Telugu, Malayalam and Urdu and they contribute to the vocabulary of Madras bhashai as well.

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What is the famous food of Kerala?

Perhaps the most famous food of Kerala, idli sambar are fondly eaten in not just all households in Kerala, but everywhere else in India! The perfect combination of fermented rice cakes and a deliciously tangy curry of aromatic spices and vegetables like lentils.

Is Tamil food spicy?

A typical Tamil meal consists of many spicy and non-spicy dishes. Many of these dishes are generally mixed and eaten with steamed rice, which is the staple food of the region. … However, on a typical day, a Tamil family will eat mostly vegetarian food, and the intake of meat is lower than in most parts of the world.

Why is dosa famous in Tamilnadu?

16Open Masala Dosa

It is dish up with sambhar and tomato chutney. It is amazing is taste, and the South Indians love it. It includes a spicy topping.

Which state is famous for food in India?


This state is not only illustrious because of its vast deserts, beautiful palaces, and vibrant history—it is also famed for the scrumptious indigenous cuisine. The region presents a variety of delicacies when it comes to food.