Who is the real administrator of India?

Who is an administrator in India?

In the Union territories of India, which are ruled directly by the Union government, the President of India appoints an administrator. Administrators differ from the governors of the states of India in that they are an agent of the president and not a head of state.

Who is known as administrator?

Definition of administrator

1 : a person legally vested with the right of administration of an estate. 2a : one who administers especially business, school, or governmental affairs. b : a person who manages a computer network or system network administrators.

Who runs the administration in India?

President. The executive power is vested mainly in the President of India, as per Article 53(1) of the constitution. The president has all constitutional powers and exercises them directly or through subordinate officers as per the aforesaid Article 53(1).

Who are administrators in government?

An administrator coordinates the efforts of government employees to create and implement public policy objectives. This is why it’s often referred to as a career in “public service.” They plan, implement and communicate policies in civic organizations and their communities.

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Who appoints UT admin?

As per Article 239 of the Constitution of India, President of india appoints the Administrator of a Union territory The Administrator of a Union Territory is appointed as per provision of Article 239 of the Constitution of India.

Who can be an administrator of UT?

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in Part VI, the President may appoint the Governor of a State as the administrator of an adjoining Union territory, and where a Governor is so appointed, he shall exercise his functions as such administrator independently of his Council of Ministers.

What is admin in Whatsapp?

A Whatsapp admin is automatically the person who creates the group. But, additional admins can be added, without necessarily agreeing to be one. Group admins then have the ability to control who is invited to, or removed from, the group chat.

Who is my IT admin?

Your administrator might be: The person who gave you your username, as in name@company.com. Someone in your IT department or Help desk (at a company or school) The person who manages your email service or web site (in a small business or club)

Is a teacher an administrator?

Educational administrators work in schools, but not as teachers. They are responsible for overseeing the administrative duties at schools from preschool through post-graduate levels.

Who is administrative head of state?


S.No. State Chief Secretary
9 Himachal Pradesh Ram Subhag Singh, IAS
10 Jharkhand Sukhdev Singh, IAS
11 Karnataka P. Ravi Kumar, IAS
12 Kerala Joy Vazhayil, IAS

Who is nominal executive in India?

Complete answer: The President of India is referred to as a Nominal Head of State because India obeys the parliamentary system of the Government. In reality, the power is exercised by the Council of Ministers and it is headed by the Prime Minister of India.

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Who is the real executive head of India?

Under the Constitution of India, the head of the Executive is the President. All executive power is vested in him and all executive actions are taken in his name. He is, however, only a Constitutional Head of State acting on the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers and as such only the formal Executive.

Who runs the administration of the whole country?

The government is responsible for the entire country is the union government or the national government which is is elected by the public and the head is elected by MPs.

What do u mean by administration?

Administration is defined as the act of managing duties, responsibilities, or rules. … (uncountable) The act of administering; government of public affairs; the service rendered, or duties assumed, in conducting affairs; the conducting of any office or employment; direction.

Who is the father of public administration?

In the United States of America, Woodrow Wilson is considered the father of public administration. He first formally recognized public administration in an 1887 article entitled “The Study of Administration”.