Which tribe is found in North East India?

Khasi Tribe is the major tribal community in northeast, occupying almost half of the total population of Meghalaya. Khasis mainly live in the Khasi and Jaintia hills and follow the matriarchal society.

How many tribes are there in North East India?

Northeast India is the homeland of a large number of tribes. There are 145 tribal communities of which 78 are large each with a population of more than 5000.

Are the tribals of North East?

The tribal majority states like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Nagaland are all located in the northeast region of the country.


Arunachal Pradesh 63.7
Manipur 34.4
Meghalaya 85.5
Mizoram 94.8
Nagaland 87.7

Which is the largest tribe in North East India?

Northeast India has over 220 ethnic groups and the equal number of dialects in which the Bodo form the largest indigenous ethnic group. They are recognised as a plains tribe in the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

Which tribe is found in India?

Statewise Scheduled Tribes List

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State Tribes
Tripura Bhil, Bhutia, Chaimal, Chakma, Halam, Khasia, Lushai, Mizel, Namte.
Uttarakhand Bhotias, Buksa, Jannsari, Khas, Raji, Tharu.
Uttar Pradesh Bhotia, Buksa, Jaunsari, Kol, Raji, Tharu.
West Bengal Asur, Khond, Hajong, Ho, Parhaiya, Rabha, Santhals, Savar.

What are the major tribes of the Northeast?

The most elaborate and powerful political organization in the Northeast was that of the Iroquois Confederacy. A loose coalition of tribes, it originally comprised the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca. Later the Tuscarora joined as well.

Which is the oldest tribe in India?

New Delhi: In the pristine islands of Andaman and Nicobar, live one of the oldest tribes of India, the Jarawa. With a scanty population of almost 420, they are almost on the verge of extinction. They live. New Delhi: In the pristine islands of Andaman and Nicobar, live one of the oldest tribes of India, the Jarawa.

Which is largest tribe in India?

Gond Tribe

The Gond comprise the largest tribal group of India with a population exceeding 12 million.

How many tribes are in India?

The Constitution of India has recognized tribal communities in India under ‘Schedule 5’ of the constitution. Hence the tribes recognized by the Constitution are known as ‘ Scheduled Tribes’. There are around 645 distinct tribes in India.

What are the tribes of Nagaland?

Nagaland has 16 recognised tribes — Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chang, Dimasa Kachari, Khiamniungan, Konyak, Kuki, Lotha, Phom, Pochury, Rengma, Sangtam, Sumi, Yimchungrü and Zeliang. The Kachari and Kuki are non-Naga tribes while the Zeliang comprises two Naga communities — Zeme and Liangmai.

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What is the full meaning of tribe?

1 : a group of people including many families, clans, or generations a Cherokee tribe. 2 : a group of people who are of the same kind or have the same occupation or interest. tribe. noun. ˈtrīb

How many tribes are there in Kuki?

Some fifty tribes of Kuki peoples in India are recognised as scheduled tribes, based on the dialect spoken by that particular Kuki community as well as their region of origin.

What is Garo tribe?

The Garos. The Garos, who call themselves A·chiks, are the second largest tribe in Meghalaya. As such they are the dominant tribe and inhabit the greater parts of the present Ampati Civil Sub-Division. The Garos have a strong tradition that they have come from Tibet.