How is life in Indian Army?

How is life at Indian Army?

In all the life of army officer is full of pride, opportunities, perks, and service to the Nation. The life of army officer is no doubt tough but this is that one service without which the citizens of this country cannot sleep in peace.

Is army good career in India?

The Indian Army promises both professional and personal growth at every stage of the career. … Joining the Army is possible both after school as well as after graduation. Apart from attractive pay and perks, Army offers you the best in Life Style, even better than all other professions.

How many days leave for Indian Army?

There is the provision for 60 days’ annual leave and 30 days casual leave for soldiers, while casual leave allowed to officer is 20 days.

How much sleep do you get in the Indian Army?

Standard precautions like staying hydrated by drinking fluids before, during and after exercise, well balanced, light and regular meals, use of correct clothing, getting adequate sleep of min six hours and utilising early morning and late evening hours for exercise, gradual build up for physical exercise, provision of …

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Do army officers drink a lot?

1. Survival. The first and most genuine reason is the working conditions of Jawans.

How many hours do army officers work?

Work hours

You are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. Full-time jobs are usually 35-50 hours per week.

Which post is best in army?

Indian Army – Field Marshal

The highest rank attainable in the Indian Army is Field Marshal. Ranked as a Five Star General Officer, a Field Marshal is ranked above a General.

What are the disadvantages of joining the military?

5 Cons Of Joining U.S. Army

  1. Prepare for Plenty of Discipline.
  2. May See More Active Conflict. …
  3. Little Control Over Where You’re Stationed. …
  4. Difficult on Families. …
  5. Physical Demanding Service. …

Is it easy to get a job in army?

Getting into the army is not going to be easy, given the intense competition. So, check out this free online career test to find out what category of careers would be best suited for your personality. On that last point, try out this personality test too to know who you really are.

Why do people quit Army?

Hundreds of responses hit a variety of issues: racism, sexual harassment, work-life balance, height and weight requirements, an overabundance of red tape, and the lack of control some soldiers feel that they have over their lives. We wanted to hear more, so we asked you, our readers, why you left the military.

Can we quit Army?

At the end of this period you have two options. Either elect for a Permanent Commission or opt out. Those not selected for Permanent Commission have the option of a 4 years extension. They can resign at any time during this period.

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Can I study after joining Indian Army?

You can pursue your academic studies even after joining Indian army. You can always apply for the higher studies if you are a soldier and wish to be promoted to officers rank.

What time do soldiers go to bed?

Hitting the Sack: Lights Out

In all the branches’ basic training programs, bedtime is usually 2100, or 9 p.m., except during times of special events, such as night exercises. In basic training, lights out means go to sleep.

Do soldiers sleep in tents?

In Afghanistan and Iraq, many U.S. troops live in tents. Tents are usually equipped with bunk beds or standard Army cots and sleep up to 40 per tent. … The tents are usually heated and air conditioned as weather requires. The tents can get extremely hot inside during the sweltering summer heat.

What is the training period of Indian Army?

Recruit Training : 32 days in the first year only including a camp of not less than 4 days if the trainee volunteers with the written consent of his employer, if any. Annual Training : A minimum of 30 days extendable up to a maximum of 60 days including a camp for 14 days.