How can I keep Vodafone India Sim active while abroad?

Can I activate international roaming on Vodafone India SIM while abroad?

To use your ViTM mobile in a foreign country, you need to activate International Roaming service on your mobile before you leave India. International Roaming service allows you to use your phone in a foreign country. However, all the usage is charged as per applicable standard International Roaming rates.

Can we use Vodafone SIM outside India?

Customers using a Vodafone India connection while travelling overseas will be able to avail the benefits of the Vodafone i-RoamFREE pack from 18 countries. … In these countries, Vodafone subscribers can receive incoming calls for free, make any call for ₹ 1 per min and browse data at ₹ 1 per MB only, it said.

How long does Vodafone number stay active?

In case you fail to recharge your number after these 15 days then your incoming calls will also be stopped. Your services will restart once you recharge your number. The new recharge will be followed by another SMS informing you of the last date till when your services will remain active.

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How do I keep my Vodafone SIM active while abroad?

For Vodafone,

  1. International roaming has to be activated before leaving India by sending a text SMS ACT IR to 144.
  2. Top up with around ₹300 every year on the Vodafone India website or at a shop.

How do I keep my vi SIM active while abroad?

How to activate international roaming?

  1. Go to International roaming page on Vi website.
  2. Enter your 10-digit Vi™ Postpaid connection number, choose the country of travel and your preferred IR pack.
  3. Activate preferred International Roaming pack.
  4. OTP will be sent to your number, confirm OTP, and get your service activated.

Can I activate roaming while abroad?

Step 3. For Sun SIM users only: You need to change your APN settings to use data roaming services abroad. Sun SIM users need to change APN settings only ONCE. No need to change APN settings for Smart SIM users.

How can I use my Vodafone SIM abroad?

You can find the roaming settings for your number in My Vodafone under Services – Roaming, or directly in the My Vodafone app under Traveling Abroad. There you can adjust your service settings as needed. However, note that your data SIM card will not work abroad.

Why is my Vodafone sim not working abroad?

Turn your device off and on again. Make sure international roaming is active on your account. You can manage your roaming settings through My Vodafone. Make sure international roaming is available where you are.

How can I get OTP abroad?

The easiest way to continue receiving OTPs for NRI banking while you are abroad is to change all your existing domestic accounts to an NRI account – NRO/NRE Savings accounts and link your International number in this case your U.S. number.

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How do I keep my mobile number active in India?

Just go on recharging with 100 rupees everymonth if that is not a problem for you or at least once in two months.It will be active as long as you are recharging and maintain the minimum balance of 100 rupees . Or else ask your friends or parents or siblings in India to use the number until you go back.

How do I keep my mobile number when moving overseas?

How do I keep my mobile number when moving overseas? By porting over your existing phone number to a virtual phone service provider (VoIP). Virtual phone numbers work overseas as they use the Internet to facilitate communication.

Will my Indian Vodafone SIM work in UK?

Your Vodafone India sim works well in UK if you have an international roaming plan. International Roaming plan works only if your home operator has an agreement with an operator in the country of your visit.