Does Hinduism allow eating meat Quora?

Is it OK to eat meat in Hinduism?

Most Hindus are vegetarian. The cow is viewed as a sacred animal so even meat-eating Hindus may not eat beef. Some Hindus will eat eggs, some will not, and some will also refuse onion or garlic; it is best to ask each individual.

Is eating meat a sin in Hinduism Quora?

Yes it is a sin. Hinduism is a religion that raises the status of Mother to the level of Goddess. Therefore, the cow is considered a sacred animal, as it provides us life sustaining milk.

Is eating meat against Dharma?

Yes. Contrary to the common belief that the dharma is lost if you eat meat or drink alcohol, Hindu dharma doesn’t lay down any restriction on what you eat or drink.

Did Lord Krishna eat meat?

Absolutely he is vegetarian , that’s why he is considered as God . Krishna is pure , he does not even need to eat anything , he provides food to us , but yes we need to offer him food first because he has given us .

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Does Shiva eat meat?

Shiva’s fondness for meat is further emphasised when Jarasandha, a devotee of Shiva, keeps kings as captives only to kill them and offer their flesh to Shiva. Shiva’s meat-eating habits find a clear voice in the Vedas as well as the Puranas, but his association with wine-drinking seems a later appendage.

Did Sita eat meat?

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad has reference to meat cooked with rice. Also the Ramayana, where during their sojourn in the Dandakaranya forest, Rama, Lakshmana and Sita are said to have relished such rice (with meat and vegetables). … All in all, meat till then appears to have been deemed a nourishing food.

Is meat eating allowed in Vedas?

In the time of the oldest Hindu sacred text, the Rig Veda (c. … 2.21) forbids the eating of either cow or bull, a revered ancient Hindu sage named Yajnavalkya immediately contradicts it, saying that, nevertheless, he eats the meat of both cow and bull, “as long as it’s tender.”

What does Bhagavad Gita say about eating meat?

Geeta simply classifies all food into Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik in the 17th chapter. It doesn’t allow or disallow eating meat. In vedic times, references can be found in texts of eating all three types of food by everyone, including the Rishis or sages.

Does Lord Vishnu eat meat?

While the Vaishnava traditions follow vegetarianism because Lord Vishnu is a vegetarian, there is no restriction or compulsion on the same. Other traditions like Shaivism, Shaktism indulge into non-vegetarian food. … Vishnu as Narasimha have drunk blood and Siva being a hermit eats whatever he is offered.

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Is it written in Gita not to eat beef?

There is no part of Bhagavd gita or ramayan or vedas that explicity says not to eat beef. Any kind of meat eating is not advised in hinduism.

Did Pandavas eat meat?

However, the Pandavas, during their exile also sustained themselves on meat, so it is likely that the eating of meat was looked down upon but not outright taboo. … During Arjuna’s second exile, Draupadi and the remaining Pandavas regularly hunted deer for meat.

Did Kauravas eat meat?

They ate meat and offered meat to their Deities. From BORI CE, Dharmaraja Yudhishthir saying they will eat meat: I think it’s clear that he had no problem with eating meat.

Is eating chicken a sin in Hinduism?

Many Hindus follow a Lacto-vegetarian diet that they believe is in sync with nature, compassionate, respectful of other life forms. Diet of non-vegetarian Hindus can include fish, poultry and red meat (mainly lamb, goat and wild boar) in addition to eggs and dairy products.

What does Bhagavad Gita say about food?

The Bhagwad Gita also explains how to eat: “while eating, one should concentrate only on eating as the food is served to one’s consciousness” (9.27). Lord Krishna says that even eating leaves, fruits, and water suffice to keep us healthy”.