Best answer: How much do Indian developers get paid?

An entry-level system software developer can earn around ₹460,000 per annum with less than one year of experience. Early level system software developer with 1 to 4 years experience get around ₹531,792 per annum. A mid-level system software developer with 5 to 9 years experience earns ₹1,200,000 per annum in India.

Why Indian developers are paid less?

In case of India, mostly we have service based companies with a huge amount of workforce. This is the main reason Indians are paid less in their jobs. Moreover, the cost of living here in India is affordable compared to others making it easier for the companies to pay you less.

Are programmers paid well in India?

In India, the average salary of an application programmer is ₹500,000 Indian rupees. While depending on the level of experience and expertise, an application programmer in India earns between ₹450, 000 – 1,200,700 Indian rupee per annum. 2.

How much does a C++ Developer earn in India?

Developer C/C++ Salaries

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Job Title Salary
Thomson Reuters Senior C++ Software Engineer salaries – 4 salaries reported ₹10,54,529/yr
IBM C++ Developer salaries – 3 salaries reported ₹4,31,579/yr
Rancore Technologies C++ Developer salaries – 3 salaries reported ₹6,90,132/yr

How much money can a coder make in India?

The highest salary for a Coder in India is ₹52,096 per month. The lowest salary for a Coder in India is ₹10,785 per month.

Why are most programmers Indian?

There are so many Indian developers because tech giants outsource to India—companies can hire Indian developers for less than 10% of Americans’ rate. India has nearly 3 million tech college graduates and over 100 million English speaking citizens, so Indian developers are also skilled and apt.

How much an Indian can earn in USA?

The average indians salary in the USA is $54,600 per year or $28 per hour. Entry level positions start at $27,300 per year while most experienced workers make up to $78,051 per year.

Which job has highest salary in India?

10 Highest Paying Careers in India that Everyone Craves For

  • Machine Learning Experts. …
  • Product Manager. …
  • Management Consultant. …
  • Full Stack Software Developer. …
  • Chartered Accountant (CA) …
  • Blockchain Developer. …
  • Marketing Manager. …
  • Investment Banker.

What is the highest salary in India?

Take a look at the top 10 highest paying jobs in India (in no particular order) as of 2021.

  • Medical Professionals. …
  • Machine Learning Experts. …
  • Blockchain Developers. …
  • Software Engineers. …
  • Chartered Accountant. …
  • Lawers. …
  • Investment Banker. …
  • Management Consultant.

Which developer has highest salary in India?

These companies offer the most lucrative software engineer / developer salary in India:

  • Cisco Systems Inc – INR 1 million.
  • Accenture Technology Solutions – INR 455,000.
  • Accenture – INR 445,000.
  • Tata Consultancy Services – INR 434,000.
  • Infosys Limited – INR 415,000.
  • Tech Mahindra Limited – INR 384,000.
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What is CA salary in India?

The average salary is between INR6-7 lakhs per annum in India. A CA’s Salary, on average, could rise to INR40-60 lakhs depending on his skills and experience. If he gets an International posting, he could earn INR 75 lakh pa. At the recent ICAI placement, INR 8.4lakhs is the average salary of CA.

What is the salary of AC programmer?

The average salary of a C programmer in the US is $70,964 per year.

What is the salary of Python programmer in India?

As per PayScale, the average salary of a Python Developer is ₹427,293 for a fresher. It comes down to around ₹35,607 per month. The salary can go up to a maximum of ₹1,000,000 per annum. On the flip side, the minimum salary can be around ₹225,076 per annum depending on skills, experience, and job location.

How much is a programmer paid?

Computer programmers get paid well, with an average salary of $63,903 per year in 2020. Beginner programmers earn about $50k and experienced coders earn around $85k.

What is a programmer salary?

100,690 USD (2015)
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