Your question: Who coined the phrase India unity in diversity?

The phrase’Unity In Diversity’ was given by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Who coined the term unity in diversity to describe the country Ingira Gandhi Indira Gandhi Rajeev Gandhi Jawaharlal Nehru?

Answer: pt. jawsharlal nehru coined the phrase ” unity in diversity” to describe the cpuntry .

What is unity in diversity in India?

Unity in diversity is defined as the concept of showing unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation. … India is a 5000 years old civilization and a land of rich diversity. Individuals from different religions live with peace. India is considered the best example of unity in diversity.

Why is India said to have unity in diversity?

NDIA IS CALLED “”LAND OF UNITY IN DIVERSITY ” BECAUSE ;⇒India consists of various religion people and all of them live together happily in the land of India. ⇒India has different forms of language , dresses, food but still our Indian live unite.

Who brought unity of diversity?

Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and leader of the Indian National Congress, vigorously promoted unity in diversity as an ideal essential to national consolidation and progress.

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What did Jawaharlal Nehru say about Indian unity?

Jawaharlal Nehru said that Indian unity was not something imposed from the outside but rather it was something deeper and within its fold. The widest tolerance of belief and custom was practised and every variety acknowledged and even encouraged.

How was unity in diversity seen during the British rule in India?

ans-the unity in diversity scenes during the British rule in India because Freedom Fighter, all leaders together the people to fight which British, in this case was unity in diversity seen during British rule in India.

How is India an example of unity in diversity?

Example : A great example of the unity of India in diversity was the unforgettable struggle for independence when the entire country stood on the same platform with different castes and religions. … It should be known that we all have different religious, linguistic, cultural, regional and caste identities.

Why is India known as a diverse country?

AnSwEr:- India is called a diverse nation because India is full of diversity. Our India has diversity in land, religion, language, clothes, food, climate etc. All this make India a unique and diverse nation.

Why do we say India is a land of diversity class 6?

Different parts of the country have different customs, languages, dresses and food habits. Also, India is a land of different languages. People of different religions and ethnicities celebrate different festivals. … This shows that India is a diverse country and despite these differences, its people are united.