Your question: Which Indian commodities were sold in European countries?

(a) In the year 2014, India’s total export of agricultural commodities to European Union was of the order of US $ 5078.90 million. India’s principal exports during this period were shrimp and prawns, molluscs, cashew nuts, grapes, coffee, rice, sesamum seed, castor oil, soya oil-cake, tobacco etc.

Which Indian commodities were in demand in European countries?

Spices like clove, pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom were produced in India and all these spices were of great demand in Europe.

Which Indian products are in great demand in Europe?

List of most exported products from India to Europe

  • Textile & articles.
  • Ceramics.
  • Granite slabs.
  • Marbles.
  • Nuts.
  • Mustard oil.
  • Spices.
  • Tea & Coffee.

What did Indian export to the European countries?

India’s exports to the EU have also risen steadily from €22.6 billion in 2006 to €45.82 billion in 2018, with the largest sectors being engineering goods, pharmaceuticals, gems and jewellery, other manufactured goods and chemicals. … India is among the few nations that run a surplus in services trade with the EU.

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Which Indian commodities were well known all over the world?

Check out the below.

  • Rice. In India consumption of rice is highest from other agriculture commodities. …
  • Milk. India is the highest producer of milk throughout the world. …
  • Wheat. In India, wheat is consumed and produced at a wide range. …
  • Mangoes. Mango in India is a king of fruits. …
  • Guavas. …
  • Sugarcane. …
  • Cotton. …
  • Bananas.

Which Indian things were in demand in European Class 8?

Pepper, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon grown in India were in great demand in Europe.

Who came second in India?

Hence various navigators like Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and many others went in search for a new route to Asia. The 1st person to reach India circumnavigating the Cape of Good Hope was Portuguese navigator VASCO-DA-GAMA.

European Powers That Came To India.

Sr. No. 2.
Fort Fort St. Williams (British)
Year 1700
Place Calcutta

Which Indian products are in demand in Germany?

High demand exported products from India to Germany

  • Electrical equipment.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Apparatus.
  • Organic chemicals.
  • Pearls.
  • Machinery.
  • Plastic.
  • Furniture.

What Indian products are in demand in UK?

Best selling Indian products in UK

  • Apparels(Women- Silk, Suits, Jackets, Dress, Ensembles, Skirts, Divided skirts, Brace overalls & Bib), Trousers, Shorts, Breeches | Men – Trunks, T-shirts, Undergarments)
  • Medicaments.
  • Footwear(Outer soles of leather, plastic, rubber along with Leather & Sports shoes)

Which two crops were highly in demand in Europe?

The East India Company introduced many land revenue systems and forced cultivators to grow opium, tea, sugarcane, jute, rice, cotton, wheat and indigo for export to Europe. Indigo cultivation was the most popular due to its high demand in the European markets during the British Rule.

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Which country is known as India of Europe?

Is Portugal the new ‘India of Europe?’ Portugal is one of the eurozone’s poorest countries. But there’s one bright spot: the outsourcing industry. Multinational companies are increasingly turning to Portugal as a base.

Which country is India’s largest trading partner in Europe?

Counting the European Union as one, the WTO ranks India fifth for commercial services exports and sixth for commercial services imports.

Import partners.

Rank 1
Country China
Value (US$ billion) 57.8
Share of overall imports 14.37%

Which European country is closest to India?

Countries near India

Up to 1,000 kilometers
Distance from India to Pakistan is: 677 kilometer Distance from New Delhi to Islamabad Mid
Distance from India to Luxembourg is: 6,285 kilometer Distance from New Delhi to Luxembourg Mid
Distance from India to Netherlands is: 6,340 kilometer Distance from New Delhi to Amsterdam Mid

Which is the largest exported commodity of India?

India’s most exported commodity was engineering goods, valued at over 5.6 trillion Indian rupees in fiscal year 2021. This includes products made from iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, industrial machinery, and automobiles among others.

What commodities were taken from India to?

Answer: The spices, muslin and many other merchandise were taken from India to different countries.

Which thing is famous in India?

India is known for many, many different aspects – its food, culture, its massive population, its natural landscapes, its languages, classical dances, Bollywood or the Hindi film industry (famous Indian figures such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai), the birthplace of yoga, spirituality, natural beauty, …

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