Your question: Where is Passport Book Number India?

Indian passports do not have a passport book number. Country/Authority that issued passport: This should be the country you are a citizen of even though you may have received your passport while you were in another country.

Where is the passport book number located?

Every U.S. passport book has a unique, 9-digit identifying number, called a passport book number. It can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the second page of the passport.

What is the difference between passport number and passport book number?

Most Countries Don’t Have A Passport Book Number. While a passport ID number is a number that identifies the person who holds the passport. A passport book number identifies the booklet itself. It’s a subtle difference.

What is passport book number and travel document number?

Types. There are three types of Ghanaian passports: Contemporary – Issuable to all citizens and non-citizen nationals and valid for ten years from the date of issue. Service – Issuable to officials attached to government institutions who travel on official business.

What is a passport book number?

Where is the passport book number? To locate your passport book number, check the upper right-hand corner on the second page of your passport book. Below the United States of America title, you will find a black number labeled “Passport No./No. du Passeport/No. de Pasaporte.”” That is your passport book number.

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What is passport ID number in India?

A Passport Reference File Number is a number provided to an individual when they apply for a Passport. The Passport Reference File Number helps an individual track the status of their passport application online. This is a unique number provided to every passport applicant.

What is passport book?

A passport book is a small booklet available to U.S. citizens and non-citizen nationals that can be used for international travel by air, sea or land. For travelers age 16 or older at the date of issue, the books are valid for 10 years. Younger travelers are given passports that are valid for five years.

What is passport Book number China?

The passport number is near the top right-hand corner of the passport picture page. You will also find it at the bottom of the picture page at the beginning of the second string of machine readable characters and then stamped through the bottom of every other page of the passport.

What is passport book number Thailand?

inside the front flap: passport number and thai id number etcs. outside – on the back: each passport of mine (whether old or new) always has this barcode sticker (13 digits) on it. I think this is the book number. You just have to turn over and look at the back of it.

What is my a number?

You can find your A-Number and Department of State (DOS) Case ID on your immigrant data summary, USCIS Immigrant Fee handout, or immigrant visa stamp. Your A-Number is the letter “A” followed by 8 or 9 numbers (such as A012345678). Your DOS Case ID is 3 letters followed by 9 or 10 numbers (for example, XYZ0123456789).

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Do I have a passport book number?

The Passport Book Number may appear in a passport in addition to the Passport Number. … ‘ Some countries may have a Passport Book Number in some versions of their passports, whilst some may not. If your passport does not have a Passport Book Number, you can click on ‘Does Not Apply’ option of the form.

How many digits are in a passport number?

U.S. Passport and Visa Number Entry

While most U.S. Passport numbers are nine digits and most U.S. visa numbers are eight digits, some are not. Last year, we implemented a workaround for entering document numbers that do not fit the usual pattern.