Your question: How can I use Indian rupee symbol in Whatsapp?

How can I get Indian currency symbol in WhatsApp?

How to type Rupee symbol on Android

  1. Head to Settings, you can easily enter the settings by tapping and holding on the Comma ‘,’.
  2. Alternately, go to Settings -> Language & Input -> Gboard -> Languages and tap on Add Keyboard.
  3. Choose English (India) from the given languages.

What is the character code for Indian rupee symbol?

The Unicode character for the Indian rupee sign is U+20B9 ₹ INDIAN RUPEE SIGN. Other countries that use a rupee, such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal, still use the generic U+20A8 ₨ RUPEE SIGN character.

How do you write Indian rupees?

The Indian rupee (symbol: ₹; code: INR) is the official currency of India.

What is RS symbol in WhatsApp?

Following the launch of WhatsApp Pay in 2020, WhatsApp announced that it will introduce the Indian rupee (₹) symbol in the chat box as a visual indicator for making payments easier for users on the platform – a slight change from the current solution that takes two steps to initiate payments.

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How do I get the rupee symbol on my iPhone keyboard?

Answer: A: Answer: A: Type Rupee symbol ₹ in iPhone.

Question: Q: how to enter the new rupee symbol on an ipad/iphone?

  1. Go to settings > general > keyboard.
  2. Select keyboards > add new keyboard > Hindi.
  3. Now go back to keyboard.
  4. (Scroll down) Add new shortcut.

No, you cannot have Indian rupee symbol as company logo. Anti-competition commission can scrap your logo because you have undue advantage to your competitors.

How can I download rupee symbol?

How to install and use Rupees Font Symbol

  1. Download the ₹ symbol . …
  2. After download extract the file using winzip or any other extractor software.
  3. Now you will find ITFRupee.ttf file in the folder.
  4. Now Double click on the file to open it -> it will show install button -> click on install button to install it (Windows 7).

What is the currency code of India?

To insert an ASCII character, press and hold down ALT while typing the character code. For example, to insert the degree (º) symbol, press and hold down ALT while typing 0176 on the numeric keypad. You must use the numeric keypad to type the numbers, and not the keyboard.

How do I change the currency symbol in access?

Currency format

  1. Create a table with a field of type Currency.
  2. In the lower pane of table design view, set the Format property to “Currency”.
  3. Save the table, and close the database.
  4. Open the Windows Control Panel. Go to Regional Options, and change the Currency setting. …
  5. Open your database again.
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How do I get the rupee symbol on my Logitech keyboard?

Alternatively, you can press CTRL + ALT + 4 to accomplish that as pressing them would create the rupee symbol.

Is INR same as RS?

In Indonesia and the Maldives the unit of currency is known as rupiah and rufiyaa respectively. The Indian rupees (₹) and Pakistani rupees (₨) are subdivided into one hundred paise (singular paisa) or pice.


Country India
Currency Indian rupee
ISO 4217 code INR