You asked: Which religion is more in Bangalore?

Are Muslims more in Bangalore?

Hinduism is majority religion in Bangalore city with 78.87 % followers. Islam is second most popular religion in city of Bangalore with approximately 13.90 % following it.

Bangalore Religion 2011.

Description Total Percentage
Hindu 6,700,092 78.87 %
Muslims 1,181,077 13.90 %
Christian 476,834 5.61 %
Sikh 12,412 0.15 %

Are Muslims safe in Bangalore?

For a Muslim – For a Muslim these areas are generally safe. But rich educated and liberal Muslims will themselves avoid buying or renting a house in these areas. Non-Muslim to visit – Generally safe for men between 9am to 8 pm. But do not enter lonely streets or buildings.

Does Bangalore have Muslims?

Muslims form approximately 12.91% of the population of Karnataka. While Muslims can be found in all districts of Karnataka, Muslims have a stronger presence in: … The cities of Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore.

Which religion is highest in Karnataka?


Religion in Karnataka
Hindu 84%
Muslim 12.92%
Christian 1.9%
Others 1.2%

Is Bangalore bigger than Mumbai?

By definition, Greater Mumbai is smaller in area than both Delhi and Bangalore but packs in more people than either, with a population of 12.4 million. It ranked third overall among 111 cities while Bangalore is at 58 and Delhi at 65.

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Who built Bangalore?

Bangalore, as a city, was founded by Kempe Gowda I, who built a mud fort at the site in 1537. But the earliest evidence for the existence of a place called Bangalore dates back to c. 890.

How many Muslims are there in Kannada?

Dakshina Kannada District Religion Census 2011

District Dakshina Kannada
Population 2,089,649
Hindu 67.18 %
Muslim 24.02 %
Christian 8.20 %

What language is spoken in Bangalore?

The most common language in Bangalore is Kannad. The majority of the population of the city converses in Kannad. It belongs to the Dravidian family of languages and is the official language of the state of Karnataka. A significant number of people in Bangalore speak English.

How many mosques are there in Bangalore?

Bangalore (Bengaluru), the capital of Karnataka state, India, reflects its multireligious and cosmopolitan character by its more than 1000 temples, 400 mosques, 100 churches, 40 Jain derasars, three Sikh gurdwaras, two Buddhist viharas and one Parsi fire temple located in an area of 741 km² of the metropolis.

How many Muslims live Karnataka?

The data for 2020 & 2021 is under process and will be updated in few weeks. Muslim Population in Karnataka is 78.93 Lakhs (12.92 percent) of total 6.11 Crore. Christian Population in Karnataka is 11.43 Lakhs (1.87 percent) of total 6.11 Crore. Muslims are minority in Karnataka state forming 12.92% of total population.

Which religion is more in Tamilnadu?

Hinduism is the largest religion of Tamil Nadu. The total number of Hindus in Tamil Nadu as per 2011 Indian census is 63,188,168 which forms 89% of the total population of Tamil Nadu.

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What religion is Goa?

Goan religious practices are followed by almost everyone who is settled over there. Most people tend to have a thinking that Goa is predominantly a Christian state but the major religion of Goa is Hinduism. Hence it would be safe to say that Goa is a Hindu majority state.