You asked: What are the Indian Constitution States?

According to Article 12 of the Constitution of India, the term ‘State’ can be used to denote the union and state governments, the Parliament and state legislatures and all local or other authorities within the territory of India or under the control of the Indian government.

How many states are there in Indian Constitution?

The President is the constitutional head of Executive of the Union. In the states, the Governor, as the representative of the President, is the head of Executive. The system of government in states closely resembles that of the Union. There are 28 states and 8 Union territories in the country.

What is state list in Indian Constitution?

State List. The State List is a list of 61 subjects. (Originally 66) items in the Schedule Seven to the Constitution of India. The respective state governments have exclusive power to legislate on matters relating to these items.

How many constitutional states are there?

This six-volume set provides complete and up-to-date access to American constitutions: the U.S. constitution, each of the 50 state constitutions, plus constitutions of 15 U.S. territories including the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands and the Federated States of …

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What are the 3 Constitution of India?

Article 3 (Draft Article 3) was debated on 17th November 1948, 18th November 1948 and 13th October 1949. It empowered the Parliament to make law relating to the formation of new states and alteration of existing states. … The Assembly adopted Draft Article 3 with amendments as moved by the Drafting Committee.

Is Delhi a state?

Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), is a city and a union territory of India containing New Delhi, the capital of India. It is situated alongside River Yamuna and bordered by Haryana state on three sides and by Uttar Pradesh state to the east.

What are the 7 territories?

India has, in total, seven Union Territories–Delhi (National Capital Territory of Delhi), Puducherry, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

What is state list class 10th?

What is a State List ? Ans. It comprises those important subjects on which the state government can pass laws. Subjects like police, local governments, trade and commerce, agriculture within the state are included in the State List.

What is 7th part of Indian Constitution?

The Seventh part of the Indian Constitution is known as “The States in Part B of the First Schedule”. It has only one article – that is, Article 238. It was repealed by the Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act, 1956.

Is education in state list?

The Indian constitution in its original enactment defined education as state subject. Under Article 42 of the constitution, an amendment was added in 1976 and education became a concurrent list subject which enables the central government to legislate it in the manner suited to it.

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What is the longest state constitution?

The longest state governing document is that of Alabama, which has approximately 389,000 words. That document is also the most amended state constitution in the Union, with nearly 950 amendments as. The average state constitution has been amended about 115 times.

What were the first state constitutions?

The first state constitutions were adopted in 1776 by Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia. Rhode Island adopted its current constitution in 1986, making it the “newest” to date. A state may have had only one constitution.

Which state constitution has the most amendments?

It was adopted in 1901 and is Alabama’s sixth constitution. At 388,882 words, the document is 12 times longer than the average state constitution, 51 times longer than the U.S. Constitution, and is the longest and most amended constitution still operative anywhere in the world.

What is the name of Article 3?

Article Three of the United States Constitution establishes the judicial branch of the federal government. Under Article Three, the judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court of the United States, as well as lower courts created by Congress.