You asked: Is Delhi to Nainital road safe?

Is it safe to drive to Nainital?

Nainital is among the safest place to travel in Uttarakhand and tourists shouldn’t have any problems while travelling, even solo, to Nainital. … Local people of Nainital are very humble and even make sure that all the tourists are safe.

Is it safe to travel in night from Delhi to Nainital?

Definitely no safety issue.

Can we go Nainital by own car?

Answer: Yes you can go to nainital.

Which route is better for Nainital?

8. Re: Which is Best road route to Nainital from Delhi? I would suggest you to take route no 3 only.

Do we need AC in Nainital?

Yes, they have centrally Air conditioned rooms.

Is it safe to go to Bhimtal?

Bhimtal is among the safest place to travel in Uttarakhand and tourists shouldn’t have any problems while travelling, even solo, to Bhimtal.

Is driving easy in Nainital?

Lucky for you, Nainital is easily connected to various highways and roads, and that’s why reaching there from Delhi is pretty easy. There are two best routes to drive through, and you can choose your preferred one.

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Does Nainital have snow?

Nainital is a subtropical highland and receives snowfall at an interval of two to three years. But due to climate change, it is estimated that Nainital and the other neighbouring regions might receive snowfall four to five times this year.

Which is the best month to visit Nainital?

Nainital is a year-round destination, but the ideal time to visit is between the months of March to June.

How big is Nainital?

The city of Nainital covers a total area of 11.73 km2 (4.53 sq mi), and is located at29.38°N 79.45°E, at an average elevation of 2,084 metres (6,837 ft) above sea level. The slopes of the nearby mountains are most populated, with an altitude ranging from 1,940–2,100 m (6,360–6,890 ft).

How is drive from Delhi to Nainital?

Delhi to Nainital Road Condition Via NH9

This is the shortest and fastest route to reach Nainital from Delhi. It is also the only recommended route by Google maps, and used by regular travelers. The distance between Delhi and Nainital via this road is 306 KM and takes about seven hours.

Which is better Mussoorie or Nainital?

Both places are worth visiting, from a drivers point of view Mussoorie is better as the road is good, otherwise both destination have good weather and sight seeing places. If you want you can visit both destinations as it has been done before by travellers, Nainital is only 7 hours away from Mussoorie.

Which is best Shimla or Nainital?

While Shimla has Shimla Jakhu ropeway, Nainital is famous for its boating and Mussoorie for its amazing variety of Mall road. … Vehicles are also allowed till late night on the roads of Mussoorie whereas both Nainital and Shimla prohibit the entrance or takes longer time.

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