Why is Indian cotton important?

It plays a very vital role in the Indian economy. It is generally termed as a major cash crop of India. It sustains the Indian cotton textile industry, which constitutes the single largest segment of organized industries in the country. … The dominant role of cotton in the country’s economy is known at all.

Why was cotton so important in India?

Cotton is one of the most important fiber and cash crop of India and plays a dominant role in the industrial and agricultural economy of the country. … Cotton in India provides direct livelihood to 6 million farmers and about 40 -50 million people are employed in cotton trade and its processing.

What is the significance of Indian cotton textiles?

Maritime connections with India and trade in Indian cotton textiles, which enabled Europeans to purchase slaves in pre-colonial Africa, thus played a key role in the development of the eighteenth-century Atlantic economy, and the subsequent rise of the West in the following century.

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Why was cotton so important?

Cotton transformed the United States, making fertile land in the Deep South, from Georgia to Texas, extraordinarily valuable. Growing more cotton meant an increased demand for slaves. Slaves in the Upper South became incredibly more valuable as commodities because of this demand for them in the Deep South.

How does cotton help India?

Cotton plays an important role in the Indian economy as the country’s textiles industry is predominantly cotton based. … The industry is also the second-largest employer in the country after agriculture, providing employment to over 51 million people directly and 68 million people indirectly, including unskilled women.

Is India good for cotton?

India was one of the first countries to implement the Better Cotton programme, with the first harvest of Better Cotton produced in 2011. … India also has the largest area under cotton cultivation in the world – approximately 12,607 million hectares.

How did cotton help the industrial revolution?

Cotton was a main raw material of the industrial revolution. Its strong fibres were uniquely suited to the hard mechanical treatment in the spinning machinery. … Cotton fabrics are used for garments as well as interior textiles. In the 19th Century cotton became fashionable among the Europeans.

What is the importance of cotton textile industry?

It provides employment to over 35 million people in the mills, power looms and hand loom sector. Indirectly millions of people derives livelihood in cotton production, processing trade, garments and also in the textile machinery sectors. It is the most important sector of employment in the country next to agriculture.

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Why was Indian cotton so desired around 1700?

Indian cottons were sought after by European consumers because of their desirable properties. They were the first textiles whose colour could resist washing and did not fade with light. … The inroads of Indian cotton textiles into the consuming habits of Europeans also generated resistance.

What was the importance of cotton industry for Britain?

The company became responsible for around half of the world’s trade in basic commodities including silk, spices, tea, opium and of course cotton. When the raw material of cotton was introduced to Britain the demand grew and its value soared alongside its production.

What is most important by product of cotton?

The most important is the fiber or lint, which is used in making cotton cloth. … The stalks and leaves of the cotton plant are plowed under to enrich the soil. Some cottonseed also is used as high-protein concentrate in baked goods and other food products.

Why was cotton so important during the Civil War?

Indeed, it was the South’s economic backbone. When the southern states seceded from the United States to form the Confederate States of America in 1861, they used cotton to provide revenue for its government, arms for its military, and the economic power for a diplomatic strategy for the fledgling Confederate nation.

How did cotton help the economy?

Cotton accounted for over half of all American exports during the first half of the 19th century. The cotton market supported America’s ability to borrow money from abroad. It also fostered an enormous domestic trade in agricultural products from the West and manufactured goods from the East.

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How export of cotton helps our country?

It helps us in various ways they are;

  1. We export and import cotton so that we may make money.
  2. The money is used for the development of the country and also used as income of a family.
  3. The money keeps circulating and it becomes the main cause for the upliftment for the country.

Which is the most important crop of India?

The principal food grain of India is rice. In terms of rice production, the country holds the second position all over the world. Rice is grown in approximately 34% of the overall cropped territory of the country. Rice production comprises 42% of the overall food crop production in the country.

Where is the most cotton produced in the world?

The top two cotton producers, India and China, contribute approximately 45-50 percent of the world’s production, while the top four producers comprise 70-75 percent of global cotton production. Currently, India is the world’s leading producer of cotton, surpassing China recently.