Why do Shimla has lower temperature than Delhi in summer?

Shimla is cooler than Delhi in summer as it is located at a higher altitude than that of Delhi. Thus due to Normal Lapse Rate Shimla enjoys a cooler climate than Delhi.

Why does Shimla have lower temperature than Delhi in summer?

Shimla is quite cooler than Delhi in summer. The difference in the mean sea level is the main reason. We know that as we rise up 600 meters there would be a decrease of 6°C. … Therefore, Shimla is more cooler than Delhi.

Why Shimla on higher altitude has cool summer while Delhi has hot summers?

Answer: Shimla lies on higher altitude than Delhi. There is a decrease of 1°C for every 166 m rise in height, because temperature decreases as you move to higher altitudes. … Thus even in summer Shimla is cooler than Delhi.

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Why is Shimla colder than Ooty in winter and warmer in summer?

The phenomenon is known is inversion of temperature. There is 1 degree fall in temperature with every 165 m increase in height. Shimla is situated at 2280m abobe sea level. … Moreover, Shimla has adequate greenery that keeps it cool.

Why does Shimla enjoys cooler summer than Agra?

Shimla enjoys cooler summers than agra. This is because Shimla is located at a higher altitude. Explanation: As the altitude increases the number of air molecules in the atmosphere decreases.

Why Shimla is cooler even in summer?

The places that are located on the higher altitude are cooler than the places located on plains. Shimla is located in the lap of the Himalayas at a high altitude and hence experience cooler climate than Delhi which is located in the plain area.

Why is Shimla cooler than Ludhiana?

Shimla and Ludhiana are almost at the same distance from the Equator but Shimla is located at a much higher altitude than Ludhiana. The places located at higher altitude are much colder than those at lower altitudes. That is why Shimla is colder than Ludhiana.

Why is Mumbai cooler in Delhi than summer?


Which is colder Delhi in January or Shimla in July?

Answer : Delhi in January is colder than Shimla in July with temperature at less than 10°C (i.e. around 8°C) and around 14°C respectively.

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How much meter is higher than Delhi in Shimla?

Delhi is at an elevation of about 200 meters from above the sea level whereas Shimla is at an elevation of about 2200 meters from above the sea level. Therefore, Shimla is at a much higher elevation of around 2000 meters than Delhi.

Why is temperature in Shimla lesser than Delhi in winter?

Shimla is at higher altitude than Delhi. As you go higher temperature decreases. Due to high number of plantation and forest area temperature remains lows as compared to Delhi which is a concrete jungle.

What is the main reason for having cold climate in Shimla and Ooty?

It receives direct sunlight at a high angle, making it hot. Well, it doesn’t snow there! Shimla, on the other hand, lies on latitude 31°N and is more than twice as far from the equator as Ooty: 3460 km. This reduces the angle between the sun’s rays and the surface, making Shimla colder than Ooty.

Why is Chennai cooler than Delhi?

Explanation: Chennai is cooler than Delhi though Chennai is nearer to the equator because Chennai is a coastal city and Delhi is an inland city. … The sea breeze that sets in late afternoon or evening also cools down the temperature in coastal areas.

Which has higher range of temperature Chennai or Shimla?

Shimla has higher range of temperature since it’s distance from the Sea is more so it will experience extreme type of climate. But since Chennai is near to the Sea it experiences moderate climate.

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Why Mumbai is warmer than Chandigarh in December and January?

Mumbai is hotter than Chandigarh in December since it is arranged close to the seashore and close to the equator. Also Mumbai is close to the coastal locale so the temperature becomes moderate throughout the year. … Whereas in december ,due to Winter, temperature of Chandigarh becomes low.

Why is India cooler in December than in July In short?

Tropic of Cancer passes midway across India, so, there is summer season in July, while in December the sun is vertical on the Tropic of Capricorn in southern hemisphere, so India experiences winter season. So naturally December is cooler than July.