Why are farmers Suiciding in India?

Why are farmers in India killing themselves?

A 2016-17 government report had listed three probable causes: Frequent crop failures due to vagaries of monsoons, lack of assured water, and pest attacks and diseases. “The true reason behind these deaths is that agriculture has become a severely loss-making profession and calling.

How many Indian farmers have killed themselves?

The latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau shows more than 10,000 farmers and agricultural labourers killed themselves in 2019 — that’s 7.4 per cent of India’s total suicide victims.

Why did the farmer commit suicide in farmers wife?

Ans: The speaker’s husband committed suicide because the farmer was unable to pay his loan and he didn’t have crop to earn money. He was broken down to tolerate the humiliation and did not want to beg for help from anyone.

How can we stop farmers suicide in India?

The recently announced Pradhan Mantri Farmer Bima Yojana, an improved version of existing schemes such as the National Agricultural Insurance Scheme and the Modified National Agricultural Insurance Scheme, is a step in the right direction although some voices have been raised against it.

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Why are farmers poor in India?

As per experts’ opinion the factors which contribute to the poor performance of the Indian agricultural sector are multi-dimensional, such as: poor access to reliable and timely market information to the farmers, absence of supply and demand forecasting, poorly structured and inefficient supply chains, inadequate cold …

Why are Indian farmers in debt?

“Increasing access to institutional finance; increasing farm mechanisation (almost 95 per cent tractors are taken on loans); and increasing high value agriculture are some of the reasons behind increasing farmers’ indebtedness,” Ashok Gulati, Infosys Chair Professor for Agriculture at ICRIER, told India Today Data …

What does the farmers wife mean by harvest of my womb?

Answer: The phrase ‘harvest of my womb’ refers to the four children the woman has borne. Just as the field produces the crop and has the harvest, the woman has produced children. If she, like her husband, takes the easier way out by committing suicide, the children will be left behind like the ‘worm-eaten cotton pod.

How does the poem The farmer’s wife bring out the misery of the farmers wife?

Through this poem, Volga brings out the misery of the wife of the farmer. In the poem, the wife of the farmer is very sad and miserable because her husband has committed suicide because he was unable to repay the loan. … The poet, Volga, has brought these miseries of the farmer’s wife in this poem.

How does the poem the farmers wife bring out the plight of the woman and her assertion?

Detailed Answer : The poem The Farmers Wife reflects the helpless condition of the farmers widow. The farmer was unable to repay the debts and he left all the debts on his wife. So she accused her husband that he poisoned himself and had gone away by poisoning her existence. She recalled her memories how he blamed her.

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What are the biggest problems faced by farmers in India?

Main Problems often faced by Indian Farmers

  • Insufficient Water Supply. …
  • Less Use of Modern Farming Equipment. …
  • Over Dependence on Traditional Crops. …
  • Poor Storage Facilities. …
  • Transportation Problems. …
  • High Interest Rates. …
  • Government Schemes are yet to reach Small Farmers.

Why an Indian farmer does not want his son to be a farmer?

Answer: An Indian farmer will not want his son to become a farmer because (a) The share of agriculture in India’s GDP has been declining since 1950 and so farming has a bleak future in terms of income from it in future.