Who was the first Indian to use the word Swaraj?

The correct answer is Dadabhai Naoroji. In 1906, Dadabhai Naoroji (who was the President of the INC session at Calcutta), and in his Presidential address, used the word Swaraj.

Who is the first Indian to use the term Swaraj?

Swaraj was first articulated, in the presidential address of Dadabhai Naoroji, as the Congress’s goal at its Calcutta session in 1906.

Who first raised the word Swaraj and the slogan India for Indians?

Dadabhai Naoroji was the first Indian to use the word Swarajya in Calcutta Session. He was also known as the Grand Old Man of India. He was the first Indian to be elected to the House of Commons on a Liberal Party ticket. He wrote the book Poverty and unBritish Rule in India.

Who first used the word Swaraj and accepted Hindi as the national language?

The word Swaraj was first used by the Bal Gangadhar Tilak and accepted Hindi as the national language. Hence, Option 4 is correct. Tilak became the first popular leader of the Indian independence struggle; the British colonial authority called him the father of Indian unrest.

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Who started Swaraj movement?

Swaraj Party

Swaraj Party (স্বরাজ দল)
Secretary Motilal Nehru
Founder Chittaranjan Das, Motilal Nehru
Founded 1 January 1923
Dissolved 1935

Who gave the slogan India for Indian?

Swami Dayanand Saraswati gave the political slogan that India is for Indians.

Who started Swaraj newspaper in 1921?

But he did not want to serve the British and so he resigned from his job in April 1921 to join the independence movement. Bose started the newspaper Swaraj, which stood for freedom.

Who used Swaraj for the first time in political sense?

In its first iteration – that used by Tilak and other nationalists in the 1890s – ‘swaraj’ was a direct translation of western ‘liberty’, hence ‘home rule’. But in Gandhi’s reiteration of 1909, swaraj acquired both moral and political meanings, grounded in the individual but embracing society as a whole.

Who among the following was known as deshbandhu?

New Delhi: C.R.

Das served as the Indian National Congress president for a session and co-founded the Swaraj Party, but almost over a century later, he is remembered as ‘Deshbandhu’, or ‘friend of the nation’, as the people of his times affectionately called him.

Who was not related to the Home Rule movement?

The correct answer is MA Jinnah. In 1916, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Besant launched Home Rule Movements separately.

Who was Swarajist?

The Swarajists were the members of the Indian National Congress who formed a new party called the Swaraj Party in 1923 under the leadership of Motilal Nehru and C.R. Das. The Swarajists opposed the suspension of the Civil Disobedience Movement and the boycott of the legislative Assembly by the Congress Party.

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Who said Swaraj is for all?

Bal Gangadhar Tilak: Freedom Fighter Who Said, “Swaraj Is My Birth Right”