Who proposed a dominion status for India?

Transcript. 18. Mr. Gandhi proceeded that he had noted in regard to the future status of India that in my speech at the Orient Club at Bombay I guaranteed Dominion Status of the Statute of Westminster variety.

What is dominion status Upsc?

An Indian Union with a dominion status would be set up; it would be free to decide its relations with the Commonwealth and free to participate in the United Nations and other international bodies. … In the meantime, defence of India would remain in British hands and the Governor-General’s powers would remain intact.

What does dominion status mean?

dominion status was the term chosen to describe the position of the self-governing member states of the inter-war Commonwealth.

What is Indian Dominion status?

The Dominion of India, officially the Union of India, was an independent dominion in the British Commonwealth of Nations existing between 15 August 1947 and 26 January 1950.

Dominion of India.

Union of India
• 1947–1950 George VI
• 1947–1948 Lord Mountbatten
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Who announced Dominion status?

Answer: Lord Irwin, the Viceroy of India offered India the status of Dominions in 1929.

Is India still under British rule?

British raj, period of direct British rule over the Indian subcontinent from 1858 until the independence of India and Pakistan in 1947.

What is the difference between Commonwealth and dominion?

As proper nouns the difference between dominion and commonwealth. is that dominion is any of the self-governing nations of the british commonwealth while commonwealth is the commonwealth of nations, a loose confederation of nations based around the former british empire.

What is dominion status in Nehru report?

One of the major point of the Nehru Report was that India would be given Dominion status. This means independence within the British Commonwealth. India will be a federation which shall have a bicameral legislature at the centre and Ministry would be responsible to the legislature.

When was the dominion status offer announced for India?

Before this, Lord Irwin, the Viceroy, had announced in October 1929 a vague offer of ‘dominion status’ for British-occupied India in an unspecified future and a Round Table Conference to discuss a future constitution.

When did dominion offer India UPSC?

The INC rejected this offer at its meeting at Wardha in August 1940. It demanded complete freedom from colonial rule. Jawaharlal Nehru remarked that the dominion status concept was as dead as a doornail.

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WHO announced a vague offer a dominion status for India in 1929 *?

Lord Irwin in October 1929, tried to curb the Indian National Movement by offering the leaders of the Indian Nationalist movement awake promise of Dominion status in the future and a Round table conference to discuss the terms and condition of this Dominion status.

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Who announced Wagyu offer of dominion status for Indians in 1929?

In 1929, Lord Irwin had announced an offer of “dominion status” for India. But the whole thing was rather vague and the Round Table Conference was to discuss a future constitution.

What is dominion status class 9?

Dominion status basically implied giving a semi autonomous status to India and not full Independence where India would still accept the British sovereignty and the British monarch as the head of the state.Dominion status implied working as autonomous entities within the British empire.