Which was the most powerful dynasty in South India?

The Chola dynasty was one of the three powerful, ancient Tamil kingdoms in what are now southern India and Sri Lanka. Brihadishwara Temple, or the Big Temple, was built in 1010 C.E. by Raja Raja Chola.

Who is powerful king of South India?

Leadership lessons from South India’s ‘greatest king’, Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara.

Which is the first dynasty of South India?

The southernmost part of the Indian sub-continent, which has been separated from the plateau of Deccan by the rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra, has been called the Far South. It has also been called Tamil Pradesh. The earliest dynasties which established their rule there were the Cholas, the Pandyas and the Cheras.

Which is the powerful state in South India?

Four south Indian states top governance rankings, Kerala at number 1: Report. Kerala topped the list for a third consecutive year while Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka and Gujarat followed it.

Did Mughals conquer South India?

Mughals did invade South India, Only the Mewar region was not under their control (Except Chittod).

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What is the old name of South India?

South India, also known as Peninsular India, has been known by several other names.

Who is the first Tamil king?

During the 1st to the 4th century, the early Cholas ruled the lands of Tamil Nadu. The first and the most important king of this dynasty was Karikalan.

Who found Tamil Nadu?

The history of Tamil Nadu begins with the establishment of three Tamil powers in the southern part of the Indian subcontinent: the Chera, Chola, and Pandya kingdoms. The earliest mention of these kingdoms is of the Pandyas, which appears in Greek literature of the 4th century BCE.

Who is the best king in Tamil Nadu?

Top List of Tamil Kings | Ancient History Of Tamil Nadu

  • Cholan. The Chola administration was one of the longest-decision lines in the historical backdrop of southern India. …
  • Tamil Kingdom: Pandyas. …
  • Tamil Kingdom: Cheras. …
  • #5 Raja Cholan. …
  • #4 Rajendra Chola- …
  • #3 Karikala- …
  • #2 Narasimhavarman I. …
  • #1 Senguttuvan-

Which South Indian language is easy?

Your best bet would be Tamil. It is fairly easy to learn and would help you branch out and learn the other south indian languages easier.

Which is the poorest state in India?

Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh have emerged as the poorest states in India, according to Niti Aayog’s Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI). As per the index, 51.91 per cent population of Bihar is poor, followed 42.16 per cent in Jharkhand, 37.79 per cent in Uttar Pradesh.

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Which is the richest city in South India?

Chennai – Detroit Of South Asia

With a major contribution in India’s IT sector, Chennai is also one of the richest places in India bragging a $78.6 billion GDP approximately. The automobile industry is the most important aspect of Chennai’s economy.

Who brought Islam in India?

Islam arrived in the inland of Indian subcontinent in the 7th century when the Arabs conquered Sindh and later arrived in North India in the 12th century via the Ghurids conquest and has since become a part of India’s religious and cultural heritage.

Who ruled Tamil Nadu before British?

Cheras. The Cheras were an ancient Dravidian royal dynasty of Tamil origin who ruled in regions of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India. Together with the Chola and the Pandyas, it formed the three principal warring Iron Age kingdoms of southern India in the early centuries of the Common Era.

Who ruled South India before British?

At the beginning of the common era, southern India and Sri Lanka were home to three Tamil dynastic chiefdoms or kingdoms, each ruled by kings, together called “muvendar.” The Pandya, Chera, and Chola dynasties ruled over the Tamil people during ancient and medieval India, fighting among themselves and other forces for …