Which part of India get very heavy rain and which part get very little rain during the rainy season?

Which parts of India get heavy rain and which parts get very little rain during the rainy season?

Areas south of the Himalayas are largely protected from cold winter winds coming in from the Asian interior. The leeward side (northern face) of the mountains receives less rain. The southern slopes of the western Himalayas, well-exposed to the monsoon, get heavy rainfall.

Which parts of India gets very heavy rain?

The highest rainfall in India and the world is recorded at Mawsynram village of Meghalaya. It is also known as land of clouds. Mawsynram is a village located in the East Khasi Hills in the district of Meghalaya state in northeastern India, which is 65 kilometres from Shillong.

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Which part of India gets little or no rain in the monsoon?

The correct answer is Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu receives little rainfall from the southwest monsoon. Southwest Monsoon Season – June to mid-September.

Which parts of India receive heavy rainfall and why?

Climate. Which parts of India receive heavy rainfall, moderate rainfall, low rainfall and scanty rainfall ? Areas of Heavy Rainfall : Assam, the Ganga Delta, the Western Ghats, Western Coastal Regions and mountainous regions of Himachal Pradesh.

What is North East monsoon in India?

Unlike the Indian Summer Monsoon, Northeast monsoon spans for 3 months (Oct-Nov-Dec) and covers merely 5 sub divisions of South India : Kerala & Mahe, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry & Karaikal, Coastal Andhra Pradesh & Yanam, Rayalaseema and South Interior Karnataka.

Which part of India receives rainfall from both the south-west and north west monsoon?

Explanation : Andaman and Nicobar Islands receives rainfall from both the South-West and North-West monsoons.

Which place in Kerala gets highest rainfall?

Neriamangalam gets one of the highest average rainfall in the state of Kerala. So this place is aptly hailed as ‘The Cherrapunjee of Kerala’. The nearest town is Kothamangalam, which is about 17.6 km (11 mi) from Neriamangalam.

Why does North East India receive heavy rainfall?

Since monsoon winds originating from the Bay of Bengal move northeast, these mountains force the moist winds upwards, causing them to cool adiabatically and condense into clouds, releasing heavy precipitation on these slopes.

Where is highest rainfall in world?

Mawsynram is a town situated in the Indian state, Meghalaya. Mawsynram is the north-eastern region in India that receives the highest rainfall in India. Mawsynram is the wettest place on Earth, with an annual rainfall of 11872 millimeters.

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Which part of India gets rain first?

The Arabian Sea Branch of the Southwest Monsoon first hits the Western Ghats of the coastal state of Kerala, India, thus making this area the first state in India to receive rain from the Southwest Monsoon.

Which place gets lowest rainfall in India?

Jaisalmer district located in the state of Rajasthan has the lowest annual rainfall in India.

What is South West monsoon?

Southwest Monsoon period is the principal rainy season for the Indian subcontinent. This is the summer monsoon period where the southwest monsoon holds away over the country. The whole country receives nearly 75% of its rainfall during this period.

Which part of India receive heavy rainfall low rainfall and scanty rainfall?

Heavy rainfall – Assam, the ganga delta,Western Ghats, Western Coastal Regions and mountainous regions of Himachal Pradesh. Moderate rainfall- Madhya pradesh, orissa,weat bengal,eastern part of up,eastern part of western Ghats. Scanty rainfall- Western rajasthan,southern part of haryana and North- eastern kashmir.

Which part of India receive heavy rainfall moderate rainfall low rainfall and scanty rainfall?

which parts of india recieve heavy rainfall moderate rainfall low rainfall and scanty rainfall. Heavy rainfall occurs in the western coastal regions, western ghats and north eastern India. Moderate rainfall occurs in Bihar, Eastern UP, Sub-mountain regions of Punjab, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and east coast of Tamil Nadu.

What are the areas which get heavy rainfall called?

Hint: Areas that receive precipitation greater than 7.6 mm per hour, or between 10 mm and 50 mm per hour account for the regions with heavy rainfall. These regions experience precipitation all year long. These areas are also called rainforests.

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