Which is the most rural state in India?

Which state in India has highest rural population?

Uttar Pradesh has the largest rural population of 155.11 million (18.62% of the country’s rural population) whereas Maharashtra has the highest urban population of 50.83 million (13.48% of country’s urban population) in the country.

Which states in India are rural?

Top 10 Least Urban States of India

Rank State Rural Pop (%)
1 Himachal Pradesh 89.97
2 Bihar 88.71
3 Assam 85.90

Which state is largely rural?

In 2011, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of rural inhabitants.

Characteristic Population in millions
West Bengal 62.18
Maharashtra 61.56
Andhra Pradesh 56.36
Madhya Pradesh 52.56

What state has the most rural land?

Fifteen states have more than half their populations living in rural areas or in towns under 50,000 population. The most rural state is Vermont, with 82.6 percent of its population living in either rural areas or small cities.

Which is the 2 largest state in India?

List of states and union territories area wise

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Rank State (S) / Union territory (UT) Political entities of comparable size (land mass)
1 (S1) Rajasthan Republic of the Congo
2 (S2) Madhya Pradesh Oman
3 (S3) Maharashtra Oman
4 (S4) Uttar Pradesh Uganda

Which is the biggest state in India?

Area of India : 3,287,240 Sq km.*

Largest State Rajasthan 342,239 Sq km
Smallest State Goa 3,702 Sq km
Largest Union Territory Andaman & Nicobar Islands 8,249 Sq km
Smallest Union Territory Lakshadweep 32 Sq km
Largest District Kachchh (Gujarat) 45,652 Sq km

Which state in India has low level of urbanization?

Himachal Pradesh is the least urbanized State/Union Territory, followed by Bihar in both 2001 and 2011 and therefore ran 35 and 34 respectively in both 2001 and 2011.

Which state population is lowest in India?

Sikkim (690,251) is the smallest state and Lakshadweep (73,183) is the smallest union territory in India on the basis of population.

Indian states by population.

State/UT India
Population 2019 1,371,360,350
2011 1,210,854,977
Growth (2019-2011) Absolute 160,505,373

Which Indian state has lowest density?

Population Density

State with Lowest Population Density Arunachal Pradesh
UT with Highest Population Density Delhi
UT with Lowest Population Density Andaman & Nicobar Islands
District with Highest Population Density North East (Delhi)

How rural is India?

Rural population (% of total population) in India was reported at 65.07 % in 2020, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

What is the most rural country?

Rural Population By Country

Rank Country Percentage of population
1 Trinidad and Tobago 91.45 %
2 Burundi 88.24 %
3 Papua New Guinea 87.02 %
4 Liechtenstein 85.70 %
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Which state is last in area rank?

Area by state, federal district or territory

State Total area Water
Rank Rank
Alaska 1 1
Texas 2 8
California 3 6

Which state has highest population?

California has the largest population in the United States followed by Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania. California has the largest population in the United States followed by Texas, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania.

What state has highest population?

California was the state with the highest resident population in the United States in 2020, with 39.37 million people.

Characteristic Number of residents in millions
California 39.37
Texas 29.36
Florida 21.73
New York 19.34

What state has the most open fields?

The top 50 cities with the most space

Rank City State
1 Anchorage AK
2 Norman OK
3 Augusta GA
4 Chesapeake VA