Which is longest tunnel of India?

“The Chenani-Nashri tunnel is India’s longest road tunnel.

Which one is the longest tunnel in India?

It is India’s longest road tunnel with a length of 9.28 km (5.8 mi), and the country’s first tunnel with a fully integrated tunnel control system.

Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Tunnel.

Other name(s) Chenani-Nashri Tunnel Patnitop Tunnel
Location Jammu and Kashmir, India
Status Active
Route NH 44

Is Jawahar tunnel is the longest tunnel in India?

The length of tunnel is 2.85 km (1.77 mi). It has one lane road in either direction. It is situated between Banihāl and Qazigund on NH 1A that has been renumbered NH 44. The tunnel facilitates round-the-year road connectivity between Srinagar and Jammu.

Jawahar Tunnel.

No. of lanes 2
Highest elevation 2,200 metres (7,200 ft)

Which is the second largest tunnel in India?

The list

Rank Name Station
1. Patalpani Rail Tunnel Patalpani railway station
2. Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel Banihal railway station
3. Trivandrum Port Tunnel Vizhinjam
4. Sangaldan Tunnel Sangaldan
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Which is the world’s longest tunnel?

World’s longest tunnels (in use)

Type Name Length
Railway Single Tube Seikan Tunnel 53,850 m (33.5 mi)
Water supply Želivka Water Tunnel 51,075 m (31.7 mi)
Railway Twin Tube Channel Tunnel 50,450 m (31.3 mi)
Railway Single Tube Yulhyeon Tunnel 50,300 m (31.3 mi)

Which is the longest tunnel in J&K?

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Tunnel: The Chenani-Nashri Tunnel renamed as Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Tunnel. It is not only India’s longest highway tunnel (9 km long) but also Asia’s longest bi-directional highway tunnel. It is located in the lower Himalayan mountain range, between Udhampur and Ramban in Jammu & Kashmir.

Which is the longest tunnel in Asia?

About Zojila and Z-Morh tunnels

Currently, the Chenani-Nashri tunnel, which is also situated in Jammu and Kashmir, is the longest bi-directional tunnel in Asia at 10.89 km.

Which is the longest road tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir?

At 14.15 km, the Zojila tunnel will be India’s longest road tunnel, and Asia’s longest bi-directional tunnel. A connecting tunnel from Z-Morh on NH1 to the Zojila tunnel will be built in the Zojila Ghats between Sonmarg and Kargil. The work on the entire 33-km span is divided into two divisions.

Which is the first railway tunnel in India?

Parsik Tunnel

Opened 1916
Owner Indian Railways
Operator Central Railway zone of Indian Railways
Traffic Train

Which is the longest railway platform in India?

It has the world’s longest railway platform. It serves as the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway.

Gorakhpur Junction railway station.

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Gorakhpur Junction
Gorakhpur Junction Railway Station
Location Station road near Dharamshala, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh India
Coordinates 26.7598°N 83.3818°E
Elevation 84 metres (276 ft)

Which is the longest railway platform in India and world?

The world’s longest station platform is at Gorakhpur Junction in India at 1,355.40 metres (4,446.9 ft).

Which is the second longest tunnel in the world?

Päijänne Water Tunnel is the second longest tunnel in the world. The Päijänne Water Tunnel is the second longest tunnel in the world at just over 120,000 meters long. It is located in Southern Finland and runs between 30 and 100 meters underground-level.

Which is the longest tunnel in Pakistan?

The tunnel is one of the longest tunnels in South Asia, and is the longest in Pakistan, superseding the 3.91 km (2.43 mi) Khojak Tunnel in 2018.

Lowari Tunnel.

Length Tunnel 1: 8.5 kilometres (5.3 mi) Tunnel 2: 1.9 kilometres (1.2 mi)
No. of lanes 2