What will be the courier charges from India to Dubai?

How much does it cost to courier from India to Dubai?

D EXPRESS Courier Charges from india to uae

Weight Estimate Time Courier Charges to UAE
.5 KG 5-6 Days Rs.1391
1 KG 5-6 Days Rs.1704
1.5 KG 5-6 Days Rs.1960
2 KG 5-6 Days Rs.2280

Which is the cheapest courier service from India to Dubai?

If you are looking for a cheapest courier service from India to Dubai than we are here to help you, Yes !

Courier Charges from India to Dubai.

Weight Express Charges Economy Charges
5 Kg ₹ 3795 ₹ 2844
10 Kg ₹ 6646 ₹ 5696
25 Kg ₹ 14245 ₹ 11394
50 Kg ₹ 20893 ₹ 14242

Can we send courier from India to Dubai?

With free pickup and door to door delivery, it makes the whole process simple and easy.

International Courier Charges From India to UAE.

5 Kg INR 2,981 INR 4,614
6 Kg INR 3,137 INR 5,407
7 Kg INR 3,506 INR 5,988
8 Kg INR 3,652 INR 6,262
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How much does it cost to send a package to Dubai?

Cheapest shipping to United Arab Emirates

Weight Price Service
5lb $48.29 EMS Parcel Post
10lb $68.78 EMS Parcel Post
20lb $107.49 EMS Parcel Post
30lb $152.44 EMS Parcel Post

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel from India to UAE?

Dwarka Courier Service is considered one of the best cargo and courier service because we provide secure & cheapest way to send a parcel to UAE. We offer express courier service from India with overnight or next-day delivery in UAE.

How can I send parcel from India to UAE?

If you want to send International Courier to Uae, you should Book Online or call at +91-9718661166.

Best International Courier Service from India to uae.

Weight Estimate Time Courier to UAE Cost
1 KG 5-6 Days Rs.2533
1.5 KG 5-6 Days Rs.3017
2 KG 5-6 Days Rs.3394
2.5 KG 5-6 Days Rs.3719

How much does Aramex charge per kilo?

Drop and Ship shipping rates

Destination Zone 1 Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, UK, and USA. Zone 2 Egypt, Georgia, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and UAE
1st 1/2 KG Additional 1/2 KG
Turkey 25.00 9.75
Uganda 19.00 10.50
UAE 43.00 23.00

Can parcels be sent to Dubai?

Send parcels to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and pay less with Parcel Monkey. If you’re looking for the cheapest postage to Dubai or you need to send an urgent parcel to UAE, you can get quotes from multiple international couriers in seconds with our courier quote calculator.

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How much do couriers charge?

Most of these courier services offer logistics convenience to over 4500 pins in the country and charge anywhere between INR 30-90 per 500 gm. for a parcel, depending upon the receiver’s address and the weight of the package.

Does DHL ship to Dubai?

Located in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, we’ve been shipping important documents and parcels through our fast and secure parcel delivery service for more than 50 years. …

How can I ship to UAE?

For personal shipments, the U.A.E.

Why the United Arab Emirates.

International Service Transit Time Transit Time
FedEx International Priority® 2 business days 2 business days
FedEx International Priority® Freight 2 business days 2 business days
FedEx International Economy® 4 to 6 business days 4 business days

Does Amazon Ship to UAE for free?

No, Amazon does not offer free shipping to the UAE. You’ll normally have to pay around 40د. إ AED to have your Amazon purchase shipped to the UAE, and you may have to pay more if you’re buying multiple items or your purchase is heavy or bulky. Most Amazon packages in the UAE will be delivered by Empost.