What season is it in Chennai?

What is the season in Chennai now?

Winter are preferable and remains from November to February and the temperature doesn’t go below 20’C. People of Chennai experiences winter monsoons during the month of October to December.

Weather in Chennai.

Today in chennai
Max : -18 ° C
Min : -18 ° C
Cloudness : %

What is the season now in Tamil Nadu?

Post monsoon in November, the climate of Tamil Nadu begins to get colder and remain cool till the end of March making it the best time to visit Tamil Nadu especially for sightseeing and temple tours.

Best time to Visit Tamil Nadu.

Seasons Months Temperature
Monsoon July to December 25°C – 30°C
Winter December to March 10°C – 15°C

What type of weather is in Chennai?

Chennai features a tropical wet and dry climate. Chennai lies on the thermal equator and is also coastal, which prevents extreme variation in seasonal temperature. For most of the year, the weather is hot and humid.

What are the 4 seasons in Tamil Nadu?

The state of Tamil Nadu is a weather-sensitive pocket that experiences different flavors of seasons throughout the year.

  • Pre -Monsoon. The period between March and May is the pre-Monsoon season for Tamil Nadu. …
  • Southwest Monsoon. …
  • Post Monsoon or Northeast Monsoon. …
  • Winter season. …
  • Summer season. …
  • Forecast.
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Is it very hot in Chennai?

The temperature during these months hovers between 20 and 25 Degree Celsius. … March to June: These months constitute the summer season in Chennai. The climate is generally very hot and humid during these months. This is the hottest time as temperatures soar up till 40 degree Celsius and can go even beyond.

Is it safe in Chennai?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH. Generally, the city is considered to be the safest one in India. There is no violent crime, but petty crime acts cannot be avoided in such a huge city.

Which months are winter season?


Seasons Month Clothing
Winter December to January Woolen & Body Warmers
Spring Feburary to March Light woolens
Summer April to June Light Cottons
Monsoon July to Mid-September Light Cottons

Does it rain in Chennai?

Chennai gets most of its annual rainfall from mid–October to mid–December. … The entire state of Tamil Nadu recorded its highest rainfall during southwest monsoon (June – September) since 1996.

How many seasons are in 1 year?

A season is a period of the year that is distinguished by special climate conditions. The four seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—follow one another regularly. Each has its own light, temperature, and weather patterns that repeat yearly. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter generally begins on December 21 or 22.

Why is Chennai so cold?

The lack of humidity—which works like greenhouse gas and traps heat in lower altitude—has resulted in low temperatures. Source: Vigilance & Ethics/ Twitter. IMD director K Santhosh told the Times of India, “There is a northerly wind blowing into the state from North India, which is causing this dip in temperatures.”

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Why Chennai has no winter?

Mumbai and Chennai have maritime climate as it is along the shoreline of Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal respectively. … Because both the cities are located near coastal areas, they experience the continental climate. The breeze blows over the sea and land, as a result these cities experience less severe summer and winter.

How many seasons are there in Tamil?

The Tolkaapiyam is the oldest surviving Tamil grammar text that divides the year into six seasons where Chitterai i.e. mid-April marks the start of the Ilavenil season or Summer.

Sixty-year cycle.

Name பிரசோற்பத்தி
Name (English) Prachorpaththi
Gregorian Year 1991–1992
No. 35.
Gregorian Year 2021–2022

Why is Tamil Nadu so hot?

“It is because of the high pressure that is common at this time of the year over the Indian peninsula. The moisture content is zero, there is no humidity. So whatever heat comes to us is reflected back,” says Pradeep John, weatherman, Tamil Nadu.

Which months are rainy season?

A rainy season (also known as a wet season) is the time of year where the majority of a country’s or region’s annual precipitation occurs.

Countries and regions with a monsoon rainy season.

Country Monsoon Season
India July – November
South and Southeast China May – September
Taiwan May – October