What do you like about Bangalore?

We simply love our home town! And, there is one city in India which makes every visitor, student and traveler fall in love with the place. Bangalore absorbs people into it. Some vouch for its weather, some love the greenery around and others need no reason to love the city.

Why do you like Bangalore?

Like most metropolitan, Bangalore as a city is with mixed culture including south Indian and western culture. … And they all taste amazing and friendly to your pocket and the best part is, they are spread all over the city so you don’t really have to go to just one place far away to enjoy a cuisine.

What is special about Bangalore?

Bangalore is famous being the Silicon Valley of India, Karnataka’s capital city is a well known IT hub and some of the world’s major It corporations operate out of the city. Apart from MNCs, Bangalore is also home to many startups and Indian tech companies.

Why is Bangalore the best?

Bengaluru or Bangalore city is known for its charm, luxurious modern lifestyle and the best comforts of living. … The major population of Bangalore city is covered by professionals and businessmen. The income that’s earned by these people is high compared to the people working in other fields.

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How would you describe Bangalore?

Bangalore is nicknamed the Garden City and was once called a Pensioner’s Paradise. Located on the Deccan Plateau in the south-eastern part of Karnataka, Bangalore is India’s third most populous city. … Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India because of its position as the nation’s leading IT exporter.

How can I enjoy life in Bangalore?

Things to Do in Bangalore with family

  1. Take a Hot-Air Balloon Ride at Jakkur. A fun and thrilling thing to do in Bangalore for families is to experience flying in a hot-air balloon. …
  2. Hangout, Shop or Watch Movies at the Orion Mall. …
  3. Visit Some Great Restaurants at the UB City.

Are Bangalore people nice?

Lucy, a writer from the UK. “I have found the local people to be very friendly and welcoming towards ‘outsiders’. Bangalore is very diversified and the locals have experienced people from not just all across India but from all over the world.

Which thing is famous in Bangalore?

No matter whether you are visiting Bangalore for a holiday or on a business commitment, shop for these nine things that make up for ideal souvenirs.

  • Sandalwood Products. …
  • Mysore Silk Sari. …
  • Channapatna Wooden Toys. …
  • Coorg Coffee Powder. …
  • Mysore Pak. …
  • Dharwad Peda. …
  • Masala Cashew Nuts. …
  • Rosewood Inlay Work Paintings.

What is the famous sweet in Bangalore?

Kayi Holige is one of the most famous sweets in Bangalore. Any function this sweet is a must. There are many variations such as Bele Holige, Shenga(Ground Nut) Holige. The ghee on top of a hot holige is the most popular style to savor, making it delicious.

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Why is Bangalore so cool?

The location: The city is at the centre of the southern peninsula and not too far away from the Arabian Sea or the Bay of Bengal. … The altitude: Or ‘elevation’ as the experts put it, the city stands at a height of about 900mts or 3000ft from sea level. Higher the altitude, the colder it tends to get.

Why is Bangalore called Bengaluru?

Kempegowda, a feudatory ruler under the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire, was considered the founder of Bangalore. He chose Bendakaluru for his capital in early 16th century, which transformed into Bengaluru and in colonial times, and during British rule became Bangalore.

What is famous food of Bangalore?

1. Idlis, Vadas, and Dosas. Ask any South Indian what would be their ideal breakfast and they’ll probably say dosa or idli and vada. Made from rice flour and urad dal, these delicacies can be found all over the city from your run-of-the-mill restaurant chains to local vendors in their carts.

Why Bangalore is known as Garden city?

Hyder Ali, the ruler of Mysore, liked the cool climate of Bangalore and designed and planted a garden which was named as Lalbagh. A large number of trees were planted during British rule and a lot of greenery was developed. This abundance of greenery gained it the nickname, ‘Garden City of India’.