What are some technological developments that aided Indian Ocean trade?

Improvements of maritime technologies like lateen sails (the first triangle-shaped sails, allowing ships to be far more maneuverable), dhow ships and the astrolabe (an instrument that vastly increased accurate navigation by measuring the stars), helped sailors navigate safely and consistently throughout the Indian …

What technological advances made Indian Ocean trade easier?

The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 allowed direct maritime access from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, creating an entirely new network of trade in the region. Steamships had stimulated the demand for coal worldwide, and new mining industries grew up in places like South Africa and Australia.

How did technological developments facilitate Indian Ocean trade?

The efficiency and volume of trade in the Indian Ocean was also facilitated by the introduction of new maritime technologies. The Chinese introduced the compass and massive trading ships called Junks which were able to carry larger cargoes.

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What technologies facilitated trade in the Indian Ocean during the 1200 1450 time period?

What technologies facilitated trade in the Indian Ocean during the 1200-1450 time period? Advances in marine technology such as lateen sails, the stern rudder, and the astrolabe facilitated trade in the Indian Ocean.

What was traded through the Indian Ocean trade?

However, when Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope and reached the Indian Ocean in 1493, he found a vibrant international trade network already in place, whose expanse and wealth was well beyond European imagination. Three powerful Muslim empires ringed the Indian Ocean.

What was the impact of the Indian Ocean trade?

New cross-cultural interactions were a significant impact of Indian Ocean trade. These interactions were crucial in the spread of religions and philosophical systems, technology, and cultural systems.

What caused the Indian Ocean trade?

Two major causes included: The rise and expansion of Islam in the 7th century led to vast Islamic empires such as the Abbasid supporting commerce: Muhammad had been a trader before founding Islam, so trade always had a favored position within Islam.

What technologies were traded on the Silk Road?

The West benefited from four inventions from China that were to shape the new world (and its new order): paper and its manufacture, printing techniques, gunpowder and the compass.

What developments technological and otherwise facilitated trade along the silk Roads?

Chinese Technologies Introduced into the West via Silk Road

The Chinese Four Great Inventions (paper making, printing, gunpowder and compass) as well as the skills of silkworm breeding and silk spinning were transmitted to the West. This greatly sped up the development of the entire world.

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Why did trade along the Indian Ocean contribute to the growth of states?

The Indian Ocean trading network fostered the growth of states. … In key places along important trade routes, merchants set up diasporic communities where they introduced their own cultural traditions into the indigenous cultures and, in turn, indigenous cultures influenced merchant cultures.

What are some of the reasons the Indian Ocean trade took off and was so popular?

What are some of the reasons the Indian Ocean Trade took off and was so popular? They were seasonal and consistent. Monsoons would help carry ships from Africa to India between April and September. They carried ships back from November to February.

Who dominated how Indian Ocean trade worked?

But despite this diversity, for the most part, especially on the Western half of the Indian Ocean basin, the trade was dominated by Muslim merchants. Why? Largely because they had the money to build ships, although we will see that in the 15th century, the Chinese state could have changed that balance completely.