Quick Answer: Why is Bombay High an important region of Mumbai?

It is India’s largest offshore oil field. Situated some 161 km north of the Mumbai coast, Bombay High has a string of oil and gas rigs in the sea that pumps oil to the coast. It produces 14 per cent of India’s oil requirements and accounts for 38 per cent of all domestic production.

Why is Bombay High importance?

The Mumbai High Field, formerly called the Bombay High Field, is an offshore oilfield 176 km off the west coast of Mumbai, in Gulf of Cambay region of India, in about 75 m of water. The oil operations are run by India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

What is Mumbai High short answer?

The Bombay High is an Offshore oil field located off the coast of Mumbai in the Arabian Sea at a distance of approximately 160 kilometers and is run by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

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What is Mumbai High Famous for Class 3?

Mumbai high is famous for oil production . It is the most important trade port of india . … It was one of the major trade ports of india .

What is the name of the offshore oil rig at Bombay High?

ONGC has mounted its maiden modular rig on its Mumbai High oilfield platform RS-12. The modular rig P-16, which is mounted on the platform, can drill high angle and horizontal extended reach wells up to an operational depth of 6,000 metres.

What is Mumbai High in geography?

Bombay High is an offshore oilfield 176 km off the west coast of Mumbai, India, in about 75 m of water. The oil operations are run by India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

Why was Bombay important for the British?

With World War II, the movement of thousands of troops, military and industrial goods and the fleet of the Royal Indian Navy made Bombay an important military base for the battles being fought in West Asia and South East Asia.

How does Mumbai High help in the development of our country?

“The example of Panna, Mukta and tapti fields (in western offshore) where international E&P operators did not renew their leases even though the recovery factor from these fields had not even reached 20 per cent, in fact in one case it was even less than 10 per cent,” it said pointing to ONGC’s recovery factor – …

What kind of resource is Mumbai High?

For e.g. Petroleum in Mumbai High, or even other fossil fuels. These are all resources which are extensively extracted and used efficiently. Thus, it is a developed resource.

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Potential resources Petroleum in Mumbai High
Reverse Atmospheric Nitrogen for agriculture

Why is Mumbai high a major oil bearing site in India?

Mumbai high is situated at a distance of 176 km from Mumbai.

It is one of the most famous oil reserves in the country and the reason behind it is the discovery by ONGC of major oil reserves in the region. Every year India extracts tonnes of oil from the region.

Where is Bombay High why it is famous?

Bombay High (now Mumbai High) field is an offshore oilfield located in the Arabian Sea, approximately 160km west of the Mumbai coast, India. Discovered in 1974, the field commenced production in 1976 and is operated by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

What is Mumbai High Sagar Samrat?

Introduction: Sagar Samrat is an oil drilling platform in Mumbai high, which is 176 kilometres away from the coastline of Mumbai. It works under the supervision of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). It was the first offshore oil rig in India which drilled the first well in 1974.

Is an important festival in Mumbai?

People in Mumbai celebrate all festivals with great enthusiasm. Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Maha Shivratri, Eid are some of the festival that the city celebrates. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated here. … This in itself is enough to explain the importance of this festival in Mumbai.

What is the full form of ONGC?

ONGC – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited.

Where is the largest oil refinery in India?

Reliance Jamnagar Petroleum Refinery is the biggest refinery in India With a crude processing capacity of 1.24 million Barrels Per Stream Day (BPSD). Where is the biggest oil refinery located in India? Jamnagar is the location where the biggest refinery Located.

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What is the oldest oil field in India?

Digboi: the first oil well in India. Digboi in Assam is an oil town that can be traced to the early 18th century, when oil was first discovered here. Digboi can proudly boast of two unique features: a 100-year-old extant oilfield and the world’s oldest operating oil refinery.