Quick Answer: How many tests India lost at home?

india has won an astonishing 40 of 54 home tests since 2010, losing just 5. that’s one defeat every two plus years!

Has India ever lost a test at home?

India’s only home Test series loss in 12yrs came against Eng. England cricket team, with their 2-1 win over India in the 2012 series, is the only side to win a Test series in India in the last 12 years. The last side before England to beat India at home was Australia, who had won the 2004 Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2-1.

How many tests India lost in India?

Since the last time they lost a series at home, India have lost two of 38 Tests, and drawn five (three of them weather-affected). Of the 31 wins, only one has been by a margin of under 100 runs or six wickets. The two losses have been when they have lost a crucial toss.

Which team lost most Test matches?

As of March 2021, the most successful team in Test cricket, in terms of both wins and win percentage, is Australia, having won 393 of their 830 Tests (47.24%).

Team wins, losses and draws.

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Team England
First Test match 15 March 1877
Matches 1040
Won 378
Lost 311

How many times Australia lost Test series at home?

A summary of home series: last 20 years

They have only lost three series (to Australia, South Africa and England) and drawn five. Their unbeaten run of 12 series wins and counting has propelled them to an RI of 84. Of Australia’s five recent series losses, South Africa have been responsible for three.

Has Pakistan won a Test series in India?

Pakistan have hosted seven series with 26 matches played at home. Each side has four series wins, although Pakistan has won more Test matches than India in matches between the two nations.

List of Test series.

Season 1978–79
Date first Test started 16 October 1978
India won
Pakistan won 2
Drawn 1

Has AUS won a Test series in India?

The importance of the series is also fuelled by Australia’s desire to beat India in India in a Test match series, which, until their victory in the 2004–05 series, they had not done so since 1969–70.

Series held in Australia.

Year 1967–68
Tests 4
AUS Wins 4
IND Wins

What is the lowest test score?

Lowest Innings total in Test cricket

Team Score Ground
Ireland 38 Lord’s
New Zealand 42 Wellington
Australia 42 Sydney
India 42 Lord’s

Who is the most 200 in test?

Most Test double century list

Player Mat 200s
Don Bradman 52 12
Kumar Sangakkara 134 11
Brian Lara 131 9
Wally Hammond 85 7

Did Pakistan won any Test series in Australia?

2nd Test at Melbourne Cricket Ground – Dec 26-30, 2016 – Australia won by an innings and 18 runs (Pak 443/9d and 163; Aus 624/8d). 1st Test at Dubai Cricket Stadium – Oct 7-11, 2018; Match drawn (Pak 482 and 181/6d; Aus 202 and 362/8).

Overall Test Records (Since 1956)

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Year 1982/83
Total 3
Pakistan 3

How many times India lost Test series in India?

As of 7 January 2019, India have played 533 Test matches; they have won 150 matches, lost 165 matches, and 217 matches were drawn with one being tied.

One Day International.

Opponent England
Matches 103
Won 55
Lost 43
Tied 2