Question: What are the imposing gateways of South Indian temples called?

The gopura is a tall pyramidal temple gateway that has been a distinctive feature of South Indian religious architecture for the past millennium.

What is the gateway of temple is called in South India?

gopura, also spelled gopuram, in south Indian architecture, the entrance gateway to a Hindu temple enclosure.

What were the entry gates in South temples called?

A gopuram or gopura (Sanskrit: गोपुरम्, gopuram, Tamil: கோபுரம், Malayalam: ഗോപുരം, Kannada: ಗೋಪುರ, Telugu: గోపురం) is a monumental entrance tower, usually ornate, at the entrance of a Hindu temple, in the Tamil architecture of the Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Telangana states of Southern India.

What is temple tower called?

When you think of a South Indian temples, you can visualize a large tower like structure called Gopuram or a temple tower that acts as the entrance to the main temple. Most of the important temples present in the South Indian states have a gopuram.

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What is gopuram and vimana?

The front wall has an entrance gateway in its centre, which is known as a gopuram. The shape of the main temple tower known as vimana in Tamil Nadu, is like a stepped pyramid that rises up geometrically rather than the curving shikhara of North India.

What is gopuram called in English?

Definitions. A monumental tower, usually ornate, at the entrance of a temple, especially in Southern India. noun.

What do you mean by the term Shikhara?

shikhara, (Sanskrit: “mountain peak”) also spelled shikara, also called shikar, in North Indian temple architecture, the superstructure, tower, or spire above the sanctuary and also above the pillared mandapas (porches or halls); it is the most dominant and characteristic feature of the Hindu temple in the north.

What is known as Gate of South?

The correct answer is Tamil Nadu. Key Points. Tamilnadu lies in the southernmost part of the Indian peninsula. Tamil Nadu is called the “Gateway of South India”.

Which fort is known as the gate of South?

The correct answer is Asirgarh Fort. The Asirgarh Fort is located in the Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh state. It is known as the Gateway of South-India. The chieftain of this fort is Asharam.

Who built gopuram?

Nanjangud, Karnataka, India The 9 storied, 120 feet tall temple Gopuram and its extensive exterior was built by Devarajammanni, the queen of the Mysore king Krishnaraja Wadiyar III.

What are Gopurams and Mandapas?

In the Hindu temple the mandapa is a porch-like structure through the (gopuram) (ornate gateway) and leading to the temple. It is used for religious dancing and music and is part of the basic temple compound. … In contemporary terms, it also represents a structure within which a Hindu wedding is performed.

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What is structural temple?

Structural Temple:-

rock cut temples are monolithic structure, ie they are cut out of a single stone. Structural temples are built like any other building. South indian temples have a very majestic gopuram whereas north Indian temples do not have it.

What is Deula Upsc?

It is the deul or deula which makes three distinct types of temples in Kalinga Architecture. The style consists of three distinct types of temples: Rekha Deula, Pidha Deula and Khakhara Deula. The former two are associated with Vishnu, Surya and Shiva temples while the third is mainly with Chamunda and Durga temples.

What is known as gopuram name another feature of temple built during the Chola period?

Explanation: Garbagriha, Mandapa, and Vimana were the other important features of temple built in this period.

What is Adhisthana temple?

The Sanskrit term adhiṣṭhāna (Sanskrit: अधिष्ठान; Tibetan: བྱིན་རླབས, THL: jinlap; Japanese: 加持 kaji; Thai: อธิษฐาน àtíttǎan) is the name for initiations or blessings in Vajrayana Buddhism. The term has various meanings, including the raised base on which a temple stands.

Which region of India features huge entrance gateways to temples?

The huge, towering gateways of the South Indian temple are a striking feature of the landscape—the first sight of the temple seen by approaching devotees—and they tower above all surrounding structures (fig. 1).