Is virtual driving license valid in India?

Driving license and registration certificate, available in digital form on the Digi-locker platform, or the m-Parivahan mobile app, are valid documents under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a notice issued by the transport department of the Delhi government said.

Is virtual DL valid in India?

NEW DELHI: You will no longer need to carry the physical copy of your driving licence, registration certificate, permits, PUC and insurance documents of your vehicle, if you have the digital copies in the MParivahan or digilocker app on your smartphone.

Is virtual DL valid?

“It is here by clarified that The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued an advisory to states to accept driving licence, Registration certificate or other documents in ‘electronic form’ presented through Digilocker or mParivahan platform as valid under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and treat them at …

Can I drive with virtual DL?

Delhi Traffic Police has recently tweeted that virtual documents uploaded on Digilocker are valid upon being asked by a traffic cop. … Sir,documents in digilocker are valid, but in case of any violation committed by driver/rider or if vehicle seized original (hard copy) DL/RC is required.

Can I use my digital license in India?

As of September 2019, under the new rules, drivers can carry all such documents digitally on their smartphones using apps like mParivahan and Digilocker, both available from Google Playstore or iOS App Store. Motorists can save all their documents in e-form and show them to the traffic police when requested.

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Can I show virtual DL to traffic police?

“Motorists can show the traffic police digital documents during checks or when asked for them. This will help the vehicle owners keep the original physical documents safe. It will also help us weed out fake documents,” he said.

Is mParivahan licence valid?

Driving licence and registration certificate, available in digital form on the DigiLocker platform, or the mParivahan mobile app, are valid documents under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, a notice issued by the transport department of the Delhi government said.

Is mParivahan safe?

MParivahan works the same as the Digilocker. The difference you will notice in this app is just about the user interface. But the main function of the Mparivahan is keeping your vehicular documents as safe as new jewelry. With its password-protected system, nobody can access your vehicle’s documents except you.

Is digital locker safe?

A) The government assures that DigiLocker is completely safe, with some of the best security features available on date. DigiLocker allows only the user to access their data and documents. The user gets a secure and private cloud account, which is password-protected.

Is mParivahan a government app?

mParivahan application is a government app for all-India RTO vehicle registration number search. … You can search for any vehicle registration certificate or a driving licence after putting in the details at the top of the app. If you want to save your documents on the mParivahan app, you will have to register yourself.

Can we use mParivahan?

A senior Road Transport Ministry official said that motorists can produce documents using DigiLocker or mParivahan mobile app. … Digital documents do not mean scanned copy or a photo of driving license, RC (registration certificate) or insurance. They have to be stored on DigiLocker or mParivahan app,” the official said.

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How can I get RC details in mParivahan?

How To Get Your DL and RC on mParivahan?

  1. Download mParivahan from Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app and tap on the appropriate option depending on whether you want to check DL or RC.
  3. Enter the DL or RC number in the space provided.
  4. You might get an alert to verify your DOB.