Is petrol pump business profitable in India?

Petrol pump business has always been considered one of the leading profit making businesses, not just in India, but globally as well. … Besides, the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) are aiming to generate more viable opportunities in order to encourage the growth of petrol pump business in India in 2020-2021.

How much does a petrol pump owner earn in India?

Q. How much does a petrol pump owner earn? Ans- A petrol pump owner in India can earn up to Rs 3,58,000 every month. If your commission comes across as 3 Rupees per litre then your monthly gross earning of 5,70,000 Rupees.

What is the profit margin in petrol pump?

Total profit of the petrol pump business

Monthly profit for the petrol pump business is 2 lakhs – 1.35 lakhs= 65000 Rs for rural areas. Monthly profit for the petrol pumps business is 4.2 lakhs – 1.95 lakhs = 2.15 lakhs /month for city side. There is 100% no loss in this business.

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What is the cost of opening a petrol pump in India?

To start a petrol pump, the applicant must show the ability to invest a minimum of Rs. 25 lakhs in case of regular petrol pumps and Rs. 12 lakhs in case of rural petrol pumps.

How much land is required for opening a petrol pump?

Normally, the area of 800 square meters to 1200 square meters is sufficient to open a petrol pump. The application fee is Rs. 1000/- for regular retail outlets and Rs. 100/- for rural retail.

Is Essar petrol pump profitable?

What is the Profit Margin in Petrol Pump Business? Essar oil dealership model is not only simple but also lucrative to ensure steady operating profits and returns on your investments. A performance-based return on investment at 5% per annum on the capital expenditure will be made onsite and infrastructure development.

Which petrol pump is best for dealership?

Top 6 Brands of Petrol Pumps in India

  • Indian Oil. Indian Oil Corporation is the biggest oil company and also India’s most profitable state-owned company. …
  • Bharat Petroleum. …
  • Hindustan Petroleum. …
  • Reliance Petroleum. …
  • Shell. …
  • Essar Oil. …
  • Upcoming Oil Companies and Petrol Pumps in India. …
  • Rosneft.

Do petrol stations make money?

1. Petrol stations don’t make much money. … Fuel stations often depend heavily on sales from the shop – a retailer can make more on selling a Costa coffee than on 40 litres of fuel.

How can I get Indian Oil petrol pump dealership?

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A resident of India (as per Income tax rules) can own an IOCL Petrol Pump.
  2. Age of the IOCL dealer should not be less than 21 years and not more than 55 years except for Freedom Fighter under the CC2 category.
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Why Reliance petrol pump is closed?

MUMBAI: Reliance Industries, the country s largest private sector company, has decided to shut down all the petroleum retail outlets owned by it directly as surging crude prices and the absence of government subsidies have made operations unviable. … We have decided to close all our company-owned retail outlets.

Can I get loan petrol pump?

You must explore the details of the loans that are granted for the petrol pumps.

Business Loan for Petrol Station Interest Rate and Other Details.

Particulars Details
Minimum Loan Amount ₹5 Lacs
Maximum Loan Amount ₹30 Lacs
Minimum Business Vintage Period 5 Years

How can I get petrol pump Licence?

How to apply for Petrol Pump Dealership in India?

  1. Visit the site petrolpumpdealerchayan.
  2. Click on Register Now, which is located on the homepage.
  3. Fill the form and create an account for the further process.
  4. Login with your Id and Password and click on Available Advertisement, which is located on the dashboard.

How many petrol pumps are there in India?

India has 60,799 petrol stations as of November 2017. 26,849 of these belong to Indian Oil (IOCL),14,675 to Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) and 14,161 to Hindustan Petroleum.

How do I get a Shell petrol pump dealership?

Basic Criteria for Shell Petrol Pump Dealership:

  1. Leadership Quality.
  2. Age should be 28 years to 60 years.
  3. Education should be minimum Graduate or.
  4. Preferably 5+ years of working experience in retail/service/hospitality.
  5. Investment capacity of Rs 18 Lakh for Retailer ship and 5 crore for Dealership.