Is Delhi colder than Chandigarh?

Is Delhi colder than Shimla?

Delhi has been considerably warmer during the day, though, with the maximum temperature recorded at 22.4 degrees Celsius at the Safdarjung observatory. The maximum temperature in Shimla was 15 degrees Celsius, while it was 17.5 degrees at Mussoorie.

How cold does Chandigarh get?

Seasons in Chandigarh

The winter months are harsh with average night temperature during the season settling close to 7.9°C. The minimums have on occasions touched freezing point. January is the coldest month of the season with an average minimum of 6.1°C. July, August and September are the Monsoon months for the city.

Is Delhi always cold?

Although winters are cold, Delhi’s proximity to the Himalayas results in cold waves leading to lower apparent temperature due to wind chill. Delhi is notorious for its heavy fogs and haze during the winter season. … Extreme temperatures have ranged from −2.2 to 48.4 °C (28.0 to 119.1 °F).

What is the coldest temperature in Delhi?

On Wednesday, the minimum temperature recorded at the Safdarjung weather station, which is considered the official marker for the city, was 9.2 degrees Celsius—two degrees below what is considered normal for this time of the year. The maximum temperature was 28.8 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal, IMD said.

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What was the lowest temperature ever recorded in Delhi?

At 17.9°C, Delhi records lowest ever minimum temperature in June. Following late night rain, Delhi’s minimum temperature on Tuesday was recorded at 17.9 degrees Celsius (°C) as per the Safdarjung observatory, the lowest minimum temperature ever recorded in the month of June.

How cold does Delhi get?

It is very hot in summer (April – July) and cold in winter (December – January). The average temperature can vary from 25oC to 45oC during the summer and 22oC to 5oC during the winter.


Seasons Winter
Month December to January
Av. Temp (Min-Max) 5o to 25o
Climate Very Cool
Clothing Woolen & Body Warmers

Why is Chandigarh so hot?

“The temperature rise can be significantly attributed to the presence of green house gases. … The IMD Chandigarh director said that key reasons for rising green house gases were rapid deforestation and urbanisation, “The biggest reason [for heat] is the reduction in the forest cover.

Does it get hot in Chandigarh?

Summer Season in Chandigarh

The months of May and June are the hottest months. Summers are long and experience occasional mild showers and thunderstorm. The mean daily maximum temperature during summers may rise to 37ºC and minimum temperature could reach 25 ºC, though temperature in summers could be as high as 44 ºC.

Does it snow in Mohali?

When can you find snow in Mohali? Weather stations report no annual snow.

Is Delhi a hot city?

Delhi ranks 7th among 10 hottest cities in India.

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Does it ever snow in Delhi?

Can it snow in Delhi? It almost did! … While hailstorms are not rare in Delhi, their occurrence is infrequent. Now, hail and snow are entirely different phenomenon, but with the mercury at nearly freezing point, and with the weather going wonky across the world, never say never!

Why Delhi is called a mini India?

Delhi is often referred as Mini India because of the many religion and culture that prevail in the area with peace and harmony. . People from around the country have come to settle in the capital in the passing years. Delhi being the capital is the first foot to the beautiful country of India to all foreigners.

Why is Delhi so hot?

The capital city of India lies in the Gangetic fertile plains between the Aravallis and the Himalayas and is situated 225 m above sea level. The capital experiences an extreme continental climate due to the fact that it is far away from the sea.

Does it ever snow in India?

Like all other parts of the world, snowfall in India is synonymous with bewitching sceneries, often seen in wallpapers and calendars. But if you really want to experience the same, the best snow season in India is during the winter months of December to February.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Delhi?

At Delhi’s Safdarjung Observatory, the maximum temperature recorded was 43.6 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 32 degrees Celsius. This is the highest maximum temperature recorded in July in the city in the last 90 years. On July 1, 1931, the maximum temperature was 45 degrees Celsius.

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