How many SDM are in Delhi?

Who is the SDM of West Delhi?

SDM Jitender Kumar (@SdmPatelNagar) / Twitter.

Who is the DM of New Delhi?

District New Delhi

Name Designation Phone
Dr. Monica Priyadarshini District Magistrate 011-23386982
Sh. D. Karthikeyan ADM, New Delhi 011-23071144
Sh. Parmod Kumar SDM, HQ 011-23382990
Ms. Geeta Grover SDM, Chanakya Puri 011-22336228

Is tehsildar and SDM same?

Tehsildars are appointed after they qualify the civil services examination and are initially appointed as Nayab Tehsildars. They are also known as Executive Magistrates of the Tehsil Concerned. … All sub divisions (tehsils) are under the charge of SDM.

Is SDO and SDM same?

SDO stands for Sub Divisional Officer. He or she is the head of the sub-division of a govt. Organization. … Alone SDO is same as the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate).

Is SDM is a IAS officer?

At the beginning of their career, IAS officers receive district training with their home cadres followed by their first posting. Their initial role is as a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) and they are placed in charge of a district sub-division.

What is the post of SDM?

A Sub-Divisional Magistrate is a title which is sometimes given to the head official of a district subdivision, an administrative officer that is sometimes below the level of district, depending on a country’s government structure. SDM is generally an officer of state civil service.

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How do I become a SDM?

To become an SDM, you must pass 12th class and hold a graduation degree from a recognized university. Then, you need to apply for Civil Services Exam conducted by Union Public Services every year. After cracking the UPSC you become an IAS officer and posted as an SDM.

How many DM are there in India?

Reducing role. While almost all of the 741 Indian districts are headed by DMs, constitutional developments post Independence in 1947 have led to a reduction in power and realignment of roles for the District Magistrate.

Who is tehsildar in Delhi?

Ram Ratan Meena, Tehsildar(Delhi Cantt.)

How many DMS are there in Delhi?

There are eleven administrative or revenue districts in Delhi. Each of these district is headed by a District Magistrate (DM) also called Deputy Commissioner (DC), who reports to the Divisional Commissioner of Delhi.

Who is the capital of Delhi?

New Delhi, national capital of India. It is situated in the north-central part of the country on the west bank of the Yamuna River, adjacent to and just south of Delhi city (Old Delhi) and within the Delhi national capital territory.

Who is the SDM South Delhi?

District Office

Name Designation Phone
Sh. Naveen Gosain SDM (ELECTION) 011-29532188
Sh. Bhupinder Singh SDM (HQ)
Sh. Atul Pandey SDM (MEHRAULI) 011-26641772
Mrs. Ankita Mishra SDM (SAKET) 011-29535190