How many ODI are there between India and West Indies?

West Indian cricket team in India in 2018–19. The West Indies cricket team toured India from September to November 2018 to play two Tests, five One Day Internationals (ODIs) and three Twenty20 International (T20I) matches.

How many ODI played West Indies?

As of July 2021, West Indies has played 831 ODI matches resulting in 405 victories, 386 defeats, 10 ties and 30 no results for an overall winning percentage of 51.18.

How many matches played between India and West Indies?

India vs WI Head to Head Test Records (Since 1948)

S# Year Total
9. 1978/79 6
10. 1982/83 5
11. 1983/84 6
12. 1987/88 4

How many ODI India has played?

As of 16 June 2018, India have played 968 ODI matches, winning 502 matches and losing 417; 9 matches were tied and 40 matches had no result. They also won the 1983 and 2011 Cricket World Cups, along with the 2002 and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

Which is the highest ODI score?

In November 2014, India’s Rohit Sharma broke the record for the highest individual score in a One Day International cricket match. The opener scored an astonishing 264 runs of 173 balls against Sri Lanka in Kolkata.

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Who is jersey number 72 in cricket?

SA National Players ODI Shirt Numbers

ODI No. Player Shirt No.
71 Martin van Jaarsveld 42
72 Ashwell Prince 5+0
73 Monde Zondeki 33
74 Jacques Rudolph 27

Which team played most ODI matches?

The Indian team has played most ODI matches i.e.981 followed by Australia (942). Read this article to know more interesting ODI records.

Which team won most ODI matches?

The most successful team in ODI cricket, in terms of win percentage (barring the Asia XI cricket team who have only played seven games) is South Africa, who overtook previous leaders Australia in 2017, and as of 2 April 2021 have a record of 63.81%.

Which team won most Test matches?

This list details the most significant team and individual records in Test cricket. As of March 2021, the most successful team in Test cricket, in terms of both wins and win percentage, is Australia, having won 393 of their 830 Tests (47.24%).

Has India scored 400 in ODI?

India (5 times)

India is second on the list with five 400+ scores in ODIs. Their first time was against Bermuda in the 2007 World Cup. They cracked 413/5 aided by Viru’s 114 and fifties from Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh.

Who scored fastest 100 in ODI from India?

Virat Kohli has scored his fastest century in just 52 balls against Australia in 2013. This is the fastest century by any Indian cricketer in ODIs.

Top 20 Fastest ODI Centuries.

S. No 1
Player Name AB de Villiers
Match details South Africa vs West Indies
Venue Johannesburg
Date 18/01/2015
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Who is Daniel Alexander?

Daniel Alexander is a looser Sri Lankan who returned from Saudi Arabia as a travel agent and wanted to start a cricket analyst career in SL. After he faced criticism from Island Cricket website, his only source of income was from Pakistan who wanted him to write anti India tweets from a cricketing aspect.

Who scored 200 in ODI first?

Sachin Tendulkar was the first cricketer to score 200 runs in an ODI in the history of the game. He had managed to achieve the coveted landmark against the South Africa cricket team in 2010 at Gwalior during a day-night match.

How many times 400 runs scored in ODI?

Both teams have scored 400+ runs twice in the ODI format, with the first one being the Australia vs South Africa match in 2006 and the second occurrence being India vs Sri Lanka in 2009. As of February 2019, there have been 20 occasions where a team has recorded a 400+ total.

Who is world’s longest six?

Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi unofficially holds the record for the longest six in cricket history when he cleared 158 metres against South Africa in the 3rd ODI at Johannesburg on March 17, 2013.