How many Indians are in Pennsylvania?

There are no federally recognized Indian tribes in Pennsylvania, although the most recent census reports an American Indian population of more than 12,000.

What percentage of PA is Indian?

Pennsylvania Demographics

Asian: 3.41% Two or more races: 2.50% Other race: 2.15% Native American: 0.19%

How many Indians are in Philadelphia?

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Metro area Indian population
Los Angeles 153,000
Dallas-Fort Worth 145,000
Houston 125,000
Philadelphia 108,000

Where do Indians live in Philly?

An Indian presence is also found in West Philadelphia and the University City and Powelton Village Areas. Many of those living in the Far Northeast tend to be white-collar professionals, though a percentage of this group also lives in the West Philadelphia and Center City areas.

Is India a place in Pennsylvania?

Indian Head is an unincorporated community in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, United States. The community is located along Pennsylvania Route 381 10.4 miles (16.7 km) east of Connellsville.

Indian Head, Pennsylvania
Time zone UTC-5 (Eastern (EST))
• Summer (DST) UTC-4 (EDT)
ZIP code 15446
Area code(s) 724, 878

What is the nickname of Pennsylvania?

India is typically in the top three for admitted students by school country. Inherent in the college admissions process is a degree of selectivity. Although there is no upper limit from any one country, the class size at Penn is 2,420 students, so that is our enrollment upper limit.

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Which American city has the most Indians?

Top 10 US Metropolitan Areas With The Highest Population Of Indians

Rank City Indian Population
1 New York 526,133
2 Chicago 171,901
3 Washington, DC 127,963
4 Los Angeles 119,901

Where do Indians live in PA?

The Philadelphia region ranks in the top 10 Indian populations across the United States: New York, Chicago and San Francisco are the top three. Philadelphia is number nine. Nearly 128,000 Indian people live in the Philadelphia region, which encompasses parts of New Jersey and Delaware.

What Indian tribe is from Pennsylvania?

The major Pennsylvania Indian tribes were the Delaware, Susquehannock, Shawnee, and Iroquois.

What township is Montgomeryville PA in?

There are 4 places named India in America.

Is there a city named India in the US?

There are 4 cities named India in America.

How many places are in India?


Rank City State or union territory
31 Vasai-Virar Maharashtra
32 Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
33 Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir
34 Aurangabad Maharashtra