How do I get Indian time zone on twitter?

How do I change timezone on twitter India?

How to change your time zone settings

  1. Go to your device’s Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Date & Time.
  4. Slide the switch next to Set Automatically, to turn on.

What timezone is India on twitter?

VVP Sharma on Twitter: “#Twitter does not have India’s time zone (GMT+530).

Does twitter show your time zone?

the timezone of each tweet is automatically converted to the local timezone. If you need UTC, you can use the .

How do they choose time zone in India?

The Republic of India uses only one time zone (even though it spans across two geographical time zones) across the whole nation and all its territories, called Indian Standard Time (IST), which equates to UTC+05:30, i.e. five and a half hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

How do I change the time zone on Coursera?

Change your timezone. Change the language you use on Coursera.

To change your Coursera account settings:

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner, click the drop down arrow next to your picture.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Make the changes you want, then click Save.
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What date format does Twitter use?

Kristin Briney on Twitter: “There is one correct way to write a date and it’s YYYY-MM-DD.

How do I change my timezone settings?

Set time, date & time zone

  1. Open your phone’s Clock app .
  2. Tap More. Settings. To pick your home time zone: Tap Home time zone. To automatically update your timezone: Tap Change date & time. Set time zone automatically. To update your timezone based on your location: Tap Change date & time Set time zone automatically.

What is GMT in twitter?

Check for your correct time zone. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) will be filled in. If you don’t live in the United Kingdom (where Greenwich is, the last I looked), I suggest that you click the down arrow and select the time zone where you live from the drop-down menu.

What is twitter timestamp?

Twitter is introducing a feature called Timestamps that will allow anyone to tweet a live video or replay that starts at the exact moment they want it to.

How do you schedule tweets on twitter app?

How to schedule tweets on Twitter mobile

  1. Open the Twitter app on your android or iOS. …
  2. Create your tweet and add media or create a poll, as you would normally do.
  3. Click the calendar icon to access scheduling options.
  4. Select the time you want your tweet to roll out.

Does twitter use UTC?

4 Answers. The created_at field for a tweet in the Twitter REST API gives the timestamp in UTC. corresponds to -28800/3600 = -8 hours from UTC. There are a couple of suggestions that this doesn’t get adjusted for daylight savings.

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How do you change the time?

Update Date & Time on Your Android Device

  1. Tap Settings to open the Settings menu.
  2. Tap Date & Time.
  3. Tap Automatic.
  4. If this option is turned off, check that the correct Date, Time and Time Zone are selected.