Frequent question: What is Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple?

How old is Sri Mariamman Hindu temple?

The temple dates back to 1827, when it was known as Mariamman Kovil or Kling Chapel. Established by Indian pioneer Naraina Pillai, the original wood-and-attap structure was built by immigrants from the Nagapatnam and Cuddalore districts of South India.

Why is Sri Mariamman considered as a major tourist attraction?

The temple is considered as the country’s most-visited temples because of its religious significance. Get ready to witness the intricate architecture and lively exteriors. The temple was built as a dedication to goddess Mariamman.

Who is Muthu Mariamman?

In time she became famous as Mariamman (the mother of rain and curing diseases), and became popular in the Vanniyar villages. … Maariamman was also called Muthu Maariamman, which meant the goddess who gives prosperous rain.

How many Hindu temples are there in Singapore?

There are currently about thirty main Hindu temples in Singapore.

What country is Sri Mariamman from?

The Sri Mariamman Temple (Tamil: ஸ்ரீ மாரியம்மன் கோவில்) is Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple.

Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore.

Sri Mariamman Temple
Location 244 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058793
Country Singapore
Location within Singapore
Geographic coordinates 1°16′57.4″N 103°50′43″ECoordinates: 1°16′57.4″N 103°50′43″E
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What is the common of Sri Mariamman?

Sri Mariamman Temple on South Bridge Road is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Commonly referred to as Mariamman Kovil (“Mariamman Temple” in Tamil), the temple was constructed for the worship of Goddess Mariamman by immigrants from the Nagapattinam and Cuddalore districts of South India.

What is the purpose of Hindu temple in Singapore?

Like Hindu temples in other countries outside India, the temples in Singapore also promote rich Indian culture by organizing festivals, music and dance concerts and other religious events on a grand scale.

What is the best describe about Sri Mariamman Hindu temple?

Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest shrine in Singapore. The temple is one of the most prominent places of worship for Tamil Hindus in the country, built to honour Goddess Mariamman – the deity of disease and protection. … Sri Mariamman Temple is a fine illustration of Dravidian-style architecture.

Who is Periyachi Amman?

Periyachi Amman is said to be the protector of children and is associated with childbirth and pregnancy, and is also associated with Hinduism in Singapore and Malaysia.

Who is Kateri Amman?

Kateri Amman, also spelt as Katerie, is a Hindu folk goddess who is worshipped for the healing of sickness. Kateri can be depicted in many forms with many different appearances. But her skin tone is either dark blue or black. She is seen either holding a cutlass, bowl, trishul, lotus or even all in her four armed form.

Who built Samayapuram Temple?

Samayapuram Temple, Trichy

King Vijayaraya Chakkaravarthi is the one who built the present day Samayapuram Mariamman temple in the early 18th century. The exciting and astonishing fact is that the Goddess is built by only sand and clay. The history and story of the Samayapuram temple are intertwined.

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