Frequent question: Do Indian spices contain lead?

Spices and spice mixes commonly used in South Asian cuisine such as curry, masala, and turmeric were also found to contain elevated lead levels, with maximum concentrations ranging from 2700 ppm (turmeric and masala) to 21 000 ppm (curry).

Are spices from India safe?

US FDA finds Indian exported spices contaminated

American authorities also found nearly 7% spice imports to be contaminated with salmonella, a toxic bacteria that can cause severe illness. Spice imports from India and Mexico were found to have the highest rate of contamination.

Does turmeric from India contain lead?

Surveillance in India, Bangladesh, and the United States. A 2014 study published by researchers at Harvard University reported lead concentrations of up to 483 ppm in turmeric samples collected from 18 households in rural Bangladesh,23 where the allowable level of lead in turmeric is 2.5 ppm.

Is there lead in spices?

Other research also suggests that herbs and spices can contribute to heavy metal exposure. For instance, a 2018 study in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report found high lead levels in 22 percent of food samples—mostly spices and herbal remedies—taken from homes of children with lead poisoning in North Carolina.

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Does cumin contain lead?

The investigators tested nearly 1,500 samples of spices (purchased both domestically and abroad) and found that 31% of them had lead levels higher than 2 ppm. This study found maximum lead levels in curry of 21,000 ppm, in turmeric of 2,700 ppm, and in cumin of 1,200 ppm.

How do I know if my turmeric has lead?

To detect the presence of lead chromate, mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with water. If adulterated, it will immediately leak streaks of water-soluble colour. One of the easiest ways to check adulteration is to add a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of warm water. Do not stir it and leave it still for a while.

Does all turmeric have lead in it?

Stanford researchers find lead in turmeric. … A new Stanford-led study reveals that turmeric – a commonly used spice throughout South Asia – is sometimes adulterated with a lead-laced chemical compound in Bangladesh, one of the world’s predominant turmeric-growing regions.

Does cinnamon contain lead?

Caution With Cinnamon: ConsumerLab Tests Reveal High Amounts of Toxin in Some Supplements and Spices. … However, the most common type of cinnamon, cassia cinnamon, can contain significant amounts of coumarin, a liver toxin and potential carcinogen, and heavy metals — particularly, lead.

How do you test for lead in spices?

Metanil yellow test

Put a ¼ teaspoon of the ground spice in a glass test tube or small glass. Add a few drops of hydrochloric acid and shake, adding a bit of water if required. If the color changes to pink, it has metanil yellow.

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How do you get rid of lead in your body naturally?

Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron better, but also may help with getting rid of lead. Foods rich in vitamin C include: Citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruit.

Foods that are a good source of iron include:

  1. Lean red meats.
  2. Iron-fortified cereals, bread and pasta.
  3. Beans and lentils.
  4. Cooked spinach and potatoes.

Is Indian turmeric safe?

This practice is extremely harmful to health. There was no direct evidence of contaminated turmeric beyond Bangladesh, and the researchers believe that food safety checks by importing countries encourage large scale spice processors in Bangladesh to limit the amount of lead that they add to turmeric for export.

Which brands of turmeric contain lead?

of Miami, FL, has also recalled several of its Turmeric and Curry brands due to lead levels. 377,000 pounds of various turmeric and curry powders sold under Blue Mountain (, Jamaica Choice, Ocho Rios, Oriental, and Grace (Walmart) brands have been recalled, as well as the brands they offer at Target.

Why does turmeric have lead?

In the case of ground turmeric, a substance called lead chromate is sometimes added to give the spice that attractive bright-yellow color that consumers often seek. Adding lead chromate also increases the weight of turmeric powder, meaning that manufacturers can sell less of the product at an inflated price.

Does paprika have lead?

Various other spices and seasonings used widely in different cuisines, such as bouillon cubes and powders, broth, or soup spices, as well as hot pepper, chili powder, and paprika, were also found to have detectable levels of lead exceeding the reference limit of 2 ppm.

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Does McCormick turmeric have lead in it?

A recent study shows that turmeric sourced in Bangladesh is sometimes adulterated with lead chromate (chrome yellow) to retain a bright yellow color. McCormick does not source turmeric from Bangladesh. … For turmeric, intentional adulteration or certain environmental conditions can result in elevated levels of lead.