Does StockX deliver to India?

Does StockX ship to India?

No, Stockx does not ship to India, but I’ve designed a process for getting any Stockx order shipped to India with zero headaches. It involves using a package forwarder: a warehouse in the United States that will accept your Stockx order and forward it on to you in India.

How can I buy StockX in India?

How to Buy on StockX and Ship to India

  1. Step 1: You Definitely Need to Setup an Account First – Visit StockX from Here.
  2. Step 2: Select Item on StockX and Enter to the Product Page – Here We Use Yeezy as An Example.
  3. Step 3: If You Want to Buy It, Click the “BUY” Button.
  4. Step 4: Select Your Size.

Does StockX offer international shipping?

All items on StockX can be purchased internationally. StockX currently ships to buyers in over 200 countries. Check out which ones here:!

Does StockX ship through DHL?

We ship with DHL, ECMS, FedEx, SF Express,T-Force, and UPS, depending on your location. As a Buyer, you agree to pay any and all local, state, federal, or international taxes (including sales taxes) that may be due with respect to your purchase transaction.

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Does StockX sell fake?

StockX is a 100% legitimate company.

How long does StockX international shipping take?

StockX strives to complete all orders within 7-12 business days, (that doesn’t include weekends or holidays), however, most orders are completed sooner. Shipping times vary depending on how quickly the seller sends the item to us to be authenticated.

Does StockX pay for shipping?

Once a transaction is complete, you will receive a shipping label in your “My Account” section of the site. You are responsible for packaging and dropping off with the shipping carrier on the label provided to you.

How much does shipping cost for sellers?

Market Currency Seller Shipping Rate
Vietnam USD $20.00

Is StockX in USD or NZD?

Previously, our international sellers had no choice but to convert their StockX payout from USD to their local currency by using the PayPal rate. Now, we are excited to announce that StockX sellers can receive their payouts directly in Australian Dollars or Canadian Dollars.

Do you have to pay customs on StockX?

This new duties fee of 15% will be applied to all non-US sellers. … Meaning that the StockX Luxury Import Tax must now be applied, and as each country has its own VAT rate (usually ranging from 10-20%) as well as import duties. StockX’s analysis of all costs incurred in the past showed that 15 percent is the average.

What does StockX status code 400 mean?

The 400 Bad Request Error is an HTTP response status code. that indicates the server was unable to process (understand) the request sent by the client due to incorrect syntax, invalid request message framing, or deceptive request routing.

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Does goat ship NZ?

Yes, we ship to Auckland for a rate of $40. However, some customers may incur additional charges and international customers are responsible for any additional taxes once shipped.

What country is StockX in?

StockX has more than 800 employees in Downtown Detroit. StockX currently has international offices in London, UK, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and has authentication facilities in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, Moonachie, NJ, and Tempe, AZ.


Industry E-commerce
Headquarters Detroit, Michigan , United States

Can you return on StockX?

Due to the anonymous nature of our live market, we are unable to offer returns, exchanges or swaps – including if you ordered the wrong size. The good news is you can always resell with us if you no longer want your item.

Is StockX safe?

The short answer is yes – it’s 100% legit! With over 1,000 employees, six authentication centres, operating in almost 200 countries, StockX is definitely the real deal, so if you’re on the hunt for that sneaker grail, a luxury watch, or even a sought-after collectible, it’s definitely the first place you should look!

Are Klekt legit?

Sneaker Reseller Klekt checks the sneakers for authenticity, quality and condition. Only when Klekt can confirm that the shoe is indeed genuine and the condition is perfect, the sneaker is forwarded to the buyer and the seller receives the money directly from Klekt.