Can I join a football academy at the age of 18 in India?

Normally one of the best ages to join an academy is around 13. As Pro Contracts can be given from the age of 16 and 18, is better to join before this age.

What is the age limit for football academy?


(i) The Academy/Club must have a minimum of two age-groups in the youth category (U- 19 to U-13). However, academies are encouraged to have more than 2 (two) age groups for more engagement and participation in AIFF and other affiliated tournaments.

Can you get scouted for football at 18?

You can get scouted in football from the ages of 7 until 22 and most of the players get scouted by football academies at 13. … Around the age of 16 to 18 is when academies make decisions on these players to whether keep them and develop them more or release them.

Can I become a professional footballer at 21 in India?

The only age requirement for professional football contracts is that the player must be 16 or older. So yes, at the age of 26 you can sign a contract. … Do I have a chance to play football after 21? Of course you do!

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How can I start a career in football in India?

A career in football does not require formal education. However, the aspirants need to be eligible for pursuing courses in the university. UG courses are available to the candidates with 10+2 passing certificate. The aspirants can pursue a master’s level course only after graduation.

Can I join a football academy at 19?

Normally one of the best ages to join an academy is around 13. As Pro Contracts can be given from the age of 16 and 18, is better to join before this age. However, every situation is different. You can always become a professional player regardless of what people tell you.

Do academy players get paid?

The answer is yes, Academy players get paid. … Youth players receive a salary when they leave school and sign a professional contract. Like other industries where an apprentice receives a low wage before signing a professional contract. This is when players move into the Academy scholarship phase.

What age did Ronaldo start playing soccer?

At age 16, Ronaldo was promoted from Sporting’s youth team by first-team manager László Bölöni, who was impressed with his dribbling. He subsequently became the first player to play for the club’s under-16, under-17 and under-18 teams, the B team and the first team, all within a single season.

How do I start a career in football?

Goal brings you some tips that may help on your path to becoming a pro.

  1. Start young.
  2. Join a team.
  3. Work hard & be willing to sacrifice.
  4. Healthy diet & smart exercise.
  5. Create a football CV.
  6. Find an agent.
  7. Trials.
  8. Look for college scholarships.
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How can I be a footballer?

In this article, we explore some top tips for becoming a footballer.

  1. Devote Yourself to the Game. …
  2. Learn the Sport Inside Out. …
  3. Train Regularly. …
  4. Run Every Day. …
  5. Do Exercises to Increase Your Speed. …
  6. Learn to Play with Both Feet. …
  7. Learn from the Professionals. …
  8. Move Through Graduate Levels.

How do I get into Bengaluru FC?

Registrations for the U16 and U18 trials for the Bengaluru leg of the BFC Residential Academy in Vijayanagar, Bellary, have begun at the Bangalore Football Stadium.

Bengaluru FC

  1. Original Passport or Aadhar Card.
  2. Original Birth Certificate issued at the time of birth.
  3. School Certificate attested by the Principal.

What is the age of Sunil Chhetri?

The only way for a PIO to get the opportunity to play for India in international competitions is if they give up their passports. They can then apply for Indian citizenship. Upon receiving that, they will be eligible to represent the country.

How can I join ISL?


  1. Head to or Enter the session code and click “Join”.
  2. Click “Run” to connect to session.
  3. ISL Light is now running and you are connected with operator.

What is the salary of Sunil Chhetri?

What is a Football CV? A Football CV (Curriculum Vitae, or résumé), is a written outline of your football ability, playing history and personal profile.