Best answer: Who is the current Vice Chancellor University of Mumbai?

Suhas Pednekar has been the Vice Chancellor of University of Mumbai since April 2018. He has over 35 years of academic experience as Teacher, Researcher and Administrator.

Who is Chancellor of University in Maharashtra?

Hon’ble Chancellor. Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari who assumed the office of the Governor of Maharashtra in September 2019 brings with him a vast and varied experience of public service.

Who becomes University vice chancellor?

The Vice-Chancellor to be appointed should be a distinguished academician, with a minimum of ten years of experience as Professor in a University system or ten years of experience in an equivalent position in a reputed research and / or academic administrative organization.

Who is the dean of Mumbai University?

Dr. Ajay Bhamare, I/C Dean, Ramanand Arya’s D.A.V.

Who is Chancellor and vice chancellor?

In most Commonwealth and former Commonwealth nations, the chancellor is usually a ceremonial non-resident head of the university. In such institutions, the chief executive of a university is the vice-chancellor, who may carry an additional title such as president (e.g. “president & vice-chancellor”).

What is the qualification for VC?

The vice chancellor to be appointed should be a distinguished academician with minimum of ten years of experience as professor in a university system or ten years of experience in an equivalent position in a reputed research and/or academic administrative organisation.”

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What is VC University?

The Vice-Chancellor is the principal academic and administrative officer of the University. He or she chairs the Council of the University, the General Board of the Faculties and the Finance Committee of the Council.

Who is the head of a University?

Essentially, the chancellor is the CEO of the university. Just to complicate matters a little, keep in mind that around the world the CEO of a university can be called by other names, including vice-chancellor, principal, provost, and rector.

Who established Mumbai University?

History. The foundation stone of the Bombay University (now known as Mumbai University) was laid by Dr. John Wilson on July 18, 1857. Madras University and Calcutta University were also established on the same day.

Who was the first graduates of Mumbai University?

Out of the 132 candidates who appeared for the examination only 22 were declared successful. The major cause of the failure of such a large number was attributed to their inability to do well in their mother tongue. The first student to receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts were M.G. Ranade.

What is the legal status of Mumbai University?

It has been granted a Five Star status by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

What is a vice chancellor scholarship?

The Vice-Chancellor’s scholarships award the highest-achieving international students with a tuition fee discount.