Best answer: What is the ratio of 1 rupees?

What is the ratio of 60 is to 1 rupee?

1 rupee = 100 paisa . therefore ratio = 60: 100 = 6:10 = 3:5 .

What is the ratio of 1 rupee 50 paise?

the ratio of 50p coins to 1rs coin is 7:10. which means for every 7 coins of 50p there are 10 1 RS coins.

What is the ratio of 1 and 0?

A 1:0 ratio is known as an undefined ratio.

In math, undefined means that an expression has no value or that the value cannot be determined due to some feature of the expression. As ratios are also expressed as a fraction, a 1:0 ratio is similar to a fraction with zero for the denominator.

What is the ratio of 55 paise to 1 rupees?

Therefore, the ratio of 55 paise to Rs. 1 is 11:20.

How many rupees is 75 paise?

So, we get 1 paisa = 0.01 rupees. Therefore, we get that 75 paise is 34 part of 1 rupee.

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How can I convert paise to rupees?

To convert paise into rupees, divide the paise by 100. For example: convert 800 paise into rupees.

What is the ratio of 10 Metre to 1 Kilometre?

1 kilometer = 1000 meter

Hence, the ratio of 10 meter to 1 kilometer is 1 : 100.

What is the ratio of rupees 5 to 50 paise?

5 to 50 paise by dividing them. Hence, the required ratio is 10:1.

What is a bigger ratio?

If not, they are not equivalent and the ratio with the higher first number is larger. For example, if you had started with the ratios 3:5 and 12:15, you would get 45:75 and 60:75. Since the second ratio has the higher first number, (60 is greater than 45), 12:15 is larger than 3:5.

What is a 1 1 ratio?

1:1 ratio is 1 part or 1 unit of a particular quantity. for example, two bottles of water both having 2 liters of water each the ratio will be 22​=11​=1:1.

Can ratios have zero?

Ratios Being Zero or Undefined

When we divide zero by any number (except zero), that ratio equals zero. When we divide any number by zero, that ratio is undefined, as we cannot divide by zero.

Can a ratio contain zero?

If you equate ‘ratio’ to a division problem, then of course the ratio could be zero. All you’d have to do is make sure the value representing the numerator is zero and the value representing the denominator is not. Yes. If first thing is zero, then ratio of 1st to 2nd will be zero.

What is the ratio of 102 and 3300?

Hence, the required ratio is 17:550.

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What is the ratio of 3km to 300m?

Thus, the required ratio, 3 km : 300 m is 3000 : 300 = 10 : 1.

What is the ratio of 500ml to 2 Litres?

= 1 : 4.