Best answer: What are the disadvantages of Hindu undivided family?

One of the primary disadvantages of building a HUF is that every member of the family has the same rights on every asset of the family. The common property cannot be sold without getting the consent of everyone in the family. Besides that, birth and marriages increase the number of family members.

Can I withdraw money from HUF?

“An HUF is used to build assets as members cannot draw money out of it,” said B. … However, funding an HUF is tricky. Capital can be brought in only through gift or inheritance subject to gift tax laws, which say that any amount above ₹ 50,000 from non-family members is subject to tax.

What are the benefits of HUF account?

The major advantage of creating a Hindu Undivided Family Account is that the family gets an extra PAN Card and can split the family income and thereby resulting in tax saving and reducing the tax outgo. This is the major reason why CA’s advise their clients to create a HUF and save taxes of upto Rs.

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Can HUF take loan from others?

The money transferred by the Karta of the HUF may either be treated as loan if the same is intended to be repaid or it can be treated as gift if the money is not intended to repaid. As per Section 56(2) any gift received from specified relatives is tax free in the hands of the recipient.

Can Husband Wife Open HUF?

To create HUF, at least two coparceners are required either son or daughter. Therefore only husband and wife cannot create an HUF, unless the property has been received by a coparcener on partition or otherwise. However, there is no impediment to starting a new HUF by gift from family members.

Can HUF receive salary?

HUF can pay a salary to its members if they contribute to its functioning of the HUF. This salary expense can be deducted from the income of HUF.

Can HUF earn commission income?

It is individuals of HUF who indirectly become partner in firm in which HUF is said to be partner and therefore provisions of Section 40(b) that prohibits deduction of payments of commission to any partner who is not a working partner, in computing income under the head PGBP, will not be applicable.

What happens if Karta of HUF dies?

One the death of a karta, the next senior most member automatically becomes the new karta of the HUF but at times, statutory authorities may require a declaration from the members forming part of the HUF declaring the eldest coparcener as the new karta of the HUF.

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Can salaried person open HUF?

Yes. Salaried Individuals can open a HUF account as soon as he is married.

What are the income are not taxed as income of HUF?

This exemption comes under Section 10(2) of the Income Tax Act, ​ which states that amount received out of family income, or in case of impartible estate, amount received out of income of family estate by any member of such HUF is exempt from tax. HUF is a separate assessable entity under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Can HUF take gift?

In case of HUF all its members are covered within the definition of specified relative. so the amount gifted by you to your HUF is not treated as income in the hands of the HUF.

Can father give gift to sons HUF?

Gift from HUF to any member of the HUF is exempt. Also, gift from parents to Son is exempt. … Thus the income from gift by your HUF to your son’s HUF will not be clubbed with the income of your HUF.

Is GST applicable to HUF?

It also includes supply of goods/ services for starting or closure of a business. … It is likely that services & goods carry a different GST rate. GST applies to all persons. Persons includes – Individuals, HUF, Company, Firm, LLP, AOP, Co-operative society, Society, Trust etc.

Are married daughters part of HUF?

Yes, a married daughter is considered a part of HUF. Prior to 2005 amendment in the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, the daughter, on her marriage, ceases to be a member of her father’s HUF and becomes a member of her husband’s HUF. … Thus in event of partition of her Husband’s HUF, she has one share in such property.

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Can sister be a member of HUF?

Wife and daughter in law are only members. They can not claim partition of HUF by their own. execute a registered partition deed all coparceners consent required. . See sisters have equal share in the property, if mother is there then you all children and mother have equal share.

What happens to HUF after divorce?

It is settled law that HUF is constituted with lineal descendants only. … Therefore if wife is separated by the decree of divorce it does not affect the nature of HUF. According to the Income Tax Act the HUF is created by the lineal descendants only. Only son and daughter & offsprings of son are the lineal descendants.