Best answer: Is Navi Mumbai a good place to live?

Navi Mumbai is situated across two districts, Thane and Raigad. The city has been ranked 12th among 73 cities surveyed for cleanliness and hygiene by the Union Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and Quality Council of India (QCI) as a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Is Navi Mumbai posh area?

Nerul is another posh locality in Navi Mumbai. The locality is a favourite among the upper middle class earners. The locality lies on three highways in the Navi Mumbai region viz., Sion-Panvel Expressway, Palm Beach Road and Uran Road.

Is Navi Mumbai better than Mumbai?

Mumbai as a city lacks overall cleanliness. Navi Mumbai is always ranked in top 5 in Swatchata Abhiyan by Government of India. Navi Mumbai has less number of factories and industries, so its less polluted right from start. Very less population compared to Mumbai also helps Navi Mumbai remain less polluted than Mumbai.

Is Navi Mumbai good area?

Navi Mumbai is the affordable alternative, for those who cannot afford to invest in Mumbai. As opposed to the skyrocketing real estate prices in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai has opened up as a strategic investment hotspot and is considered by both, investors and end-users, from across Maharashtra.

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Is Navi Mumbai safe?

Crime rates in Navi Mumbai, India

Level of crime 34.08 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 44.11 Moderate
Worries home broken and things stolen 35.53 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed 33.16 Low
Worries car stolen 35.28 Low

Which area is best in Navi Mumbai?

Top 5 Localities To Rent A Home In Navi Mumbai

  • Kharghar. Livability score: 8.1. Average price: Rs 8,949/sqft. …
  • Ghansoli. Livability score: 8. Average price: Rs 11,535/ sqft. …
  • Airoli. Livability score: 8.3. Average price: Rs 11,693/sqft. …
  • Panvel. Livability score: 7.6. Average price: Rs 7,046/ sqft. …
  • Ulwe. Livability score: 7.

Where do rich people live in Navi Mumbai?

The most expensive street of Mumbai is Altamount Road, where several billionaires live. The area is Tardeo. Apart from these, the rich live in Cuffe Parade, Breach Candy, Worli, and Mahalaxmi.

Is Navi Mumbai costly?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 373$ (27,964₹) without rent. … Navi Mumbai is 71.87% less expensive than New York (without rent). Rent in Navi Mumbai is, on average, 89.15% lower than in New York.

Is Navi Mumbai more developed than Mumbai?

Mumbai has ranked first among mega cities in the Ease of Living Index 2018. In the overall ranking, the city has come third among 111 cities, only behind Pune and Navi Mumbai. … Mumbai has done better in terms of public open spaces and mixed land use and compactness, securing the top slot on both fronts.

What is good about Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai has a well-deserved reputation as a planned city with broad roads, proper footpaths for pedestrians, and wide open spaces. But a creeping malaise is spreading across the city. Hawkers have started to take over the footpaths, especially near the railway stations. … Navi Mumbaiites, this is where you come in.

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Is it worth buying flat in Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai has developed beautifully and has most organized housing complexes. Although a new flat is a good option, do not ignore resale flats. At time people sell just because they had kept it as an investment and want to get rid of it. Rates per sq ft are as high as 10,000rs to as low as 2,500.

Which is the richest area in Mumbai?

1. Malabar Hill. Malabar Hill is not just Mumbai’s but India’s most exclusive residential address, where most of the residents are billionaires and millionaires. Apart from luxurious condos and penthouses, the hillock area also has few marquee properties priced at Rs 300 crores and above.

Which is best place to buy house in Navi Mumbai?

7 best Locations in Navi Mumbai to invest:

  • Panvel. Panvel has emerged as a booming real estate market in the past few years. …
  • Kharghar. …
  • Ulwe. …
  • Taloja. …
  • Seawoods. …
  • CBD Belapur. …
  • Sanpada.

Is Navi Mumbai Metro City?

The planning and construction of the Navi Mumbai Metro is being overseen by the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO).

Navi Mumbai Metro.

Native name नवी मुंबई मेट्रो
Owner City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO)
Locale Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Transit type Rapid Transit

What comes under Navi Mumbai?

These nodes were named Airoli, Ghansoli, Kopar Khairane, Juhu Nagar, Vashi, Turbhe, Sanpada, Juinagar, Nerul, Darave, Karave Nagar, CBD Belapur, Kharghar, Kamothe, New Panvel, Kalamboli, Ulwe, Dronagiri and Taloja.

Who created Navi Mumbai?

Development of Navi Mumbai

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Navi Mumbai was the brainchild of Adi Kanga, a civil engineer. With distinguished architect Charles Correa on board as the Chief Architect, ‘City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO)’ initiated the development of around 16,000 hectares of land to the north-east of Mumbai.