Best answer: How far is Tarkarli beach from Mumbai?

How can I go to Tarkarli from Mumbai by train?

How to reach Tarkarli by Rail. The nearest railway station to the city is Kudal which is approximately 45 km away from Tarkarli. One can board various types of trains from cities like Mumbai, Pune and Goa to reach the city. The Konkan Express and Mandovi Express are the major trains which serve Tarkarli.

What is the best time to visit Tarkarli?

The best time to visit Tarkarli is October, November, December, January, February and March. Since this is the peak season expect a little crowd during this time. July, August and September period experiences moderate weather.

How is the road from Mumbai to Tarkarli?

The drive from Mumbai to Tarkarli takes roughly 11 hours. The shortest route, at 295 miles (475 kilometers), is via National Highway 66, but the fastest is by Asian Highway 47. Instead of going directly south, the road veers southeast from Mumbai to Pune, then heads back westward at Kolhapur.

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Is Tarkarli Beach Safe?

Tarkarli is one of the best and most safe beach of coastal Maharashtra, also called Kokan. The beach has flat table land which can accommodate 5-6 football grounds ! Very safe to swim and play group water games. Tarkarli is a small beach side village in Taluka Malvan, Sindhudurg Destrict.

Is Tarkarli worth visiting?

Overhyped beach destination. Tarkarli is about 450kms from Pune by road and definitely not worth the long drive. Having already visited Harihareshwar and Ganpatipule beaches in the last couple of years, Tarkarli was a big disappointment and over-hyped place.

Is Tarkarli open for tourist?

Most locals have opened their homes to tourists and offer decent service and food; look for the ones that are closest to the beach. Rental bike culture has seeped in to Tarkarli too, which makes local transport very easy.

What is the cost of scuba diving in Goa?

Goa Scuba diving Price

Package Location Price Per Head
Scuba Diving Tour Malvan ₹1100
Scuba Diving in Goa Grand Island ₹1699
Scuba Diving with Water Sports in Goa Grand Island – Calangute ₹2499 (Coupon Available)
Diving at Sao Jao Island Sao Jao Island ₹3399

What is special in Tarkarli?

Tarkarli is known for its white sand beach and water sports, and is known to be one of the most picturesque beaches in the entire Konkan region. The clear blue water and the beautiful Suru or Casurina trees are a breath-taking scene.

What should I buy in Tarkarli?

Souvenirs You Can Take Home From Tarkarli

  • Cashew Nuts. The whole Konkan Belt including Malvani is famous for its cashews. …
  • Amba Poli. Apart from its cashew crops, Malvani region is famous for its exotic mangoes. …
  • Malvani Masala. …
  • Kokum Drinks. …
  • Kokum Wax.
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How far is Malvan from Mumbai?

Distance Between Mumbai to Malvan

Distance between Mumbai to Malvan by Road is 533 Kms
Distance between Mumbai to Malvan by Flight is 340 Kms
Travel Time from Mumbai to Malvan by Road is 10:13 hrs
Nearest Airport in Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (19.08, 72.88)

Where is dapoli in Mumbai?

Dapoli is a Coastal Hillstation as well as a City in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra. It lies 215 km (134 mi) south of the state capital of Mumbai.

Is Tarkarli beach clean?

Tarkarli is a clean water beach located between the union of Arabian sea and Karli river. This beach is popular among the tourists for the deep sea bed and clean water.

How many days are enough for Tarkarli?

Two days are sufficient, you can also visit Devbaug beach, which is more scenic than Tarkarli and is located at the estuary of Tarkarli river. There are also boat rides for viewing dolphins. May is not a recommended time to visit, it’s extremely hot during the day.

Is Tarkarli Beach Open in December 2020?

The beach is great, with white sands, food is great, especially the fish.