Day 01  Delhi 

Arriving at Delhi Airport, followed by transfer to Naggar.

Day 02  Naggar 

We will be taking a walk around the village of Nagger. Let’s visit the ancient temples and the famous wooden Naggar Castle! If you fancy a bite to eat, go ahead and check out Asha’s Momos. It can be a crowded little place, but well worth it, with locals saying it’s ‘The best place to get Momo’s in India’, some even saying the ‘best in the world!’

Day 03  Naggar 

Today is an introduction to some of Kullu’s hidden gems! This morning we shall be warming up for our big trek by taking a beautiful, fresh morning walk.  On this walk, we shall be heading to an old traditional village named Tilasharni, then onto the ancient Krishna Temple, and through Nashala village back to Naggar. Tilasharni and Nashala are like beautiful, tiny villages frozen in time, all living the traditional Himalayan lifestyle. After lunch, we will be driving to Pangaon Buddhist Monastery, one of the most incredible Monasteries of the Himalayas, where monks and nuns live together in peace, situated right on the cliff of the majestic Beas river. This is a day to truly love! (4 hour walk)

Day 04  Naggar 

After breakfast, we will be visiting the traditional heritage village of Jana. In the afternoon, we shall be preparing for tomorrow’s trekking. A nice easy day, with a chilled evening to follow. We shall be having some beers on the rooftop of Ragini, with good food, and amazing views!

Day 05  Bijlimahadev Camp site

We leave from Naggar after breakfast with jeeps for a 35km drive to the starting point of our trek. From here, we walk for about 2 hours up to the Bijli Mahadev Temple, the mother of all Himalayan Hindu Temples. Where Hindu’s and wild Sadhu’s come from all over to visit. This truly is a sight to behold! It is wonderfully located over the confluence of the rivers Beas and Paravit. The view is priceless and simply breath taking, don’t forget to charge your cameras the night before!

After visiting the temple, we will take a walk for about 30 minutes, towards the camping area, a beautiful meadow overlooking the Kullu town. This is an easy start, the perfect ‘warm up’. (2-3 hour walk)

Day 06  Matikochar

After our fuel-filled breakfast, we follow the ridge to a place called Matikochar. This is a moderate, fantastic walk through the forest, shortly after we will be following a rough jeep road for about 2.600 meters. (4-5 hour walk)

Day 07  Futasor Pond campsite 

We continue climbing the ridge to Futasor Pond. A beautiful meadow lies by this pond, where we will pitch up our tents and camp for the night. (5 hour walk)

Day 08  Dohra Nala campsite 

 In the morning, we shall be gazing upon a beautiful sunrise at the pond to start our day. We will then continue trekking after breakfast into the Malana valley. We will camp at Dohra Nala. The meaning of ‘Dohra Nala’ is ‘the meeting point of 2 small streams, in a Sheppard’s meadow hidden away in nature. We will be walking about 3.000 meters and the walk can be a tough climb, so make sure you have barrels of energy. This long, epic day will end with a bonfire, a delicious dinner, and the sounds of nature surrounding you as you drift off to sleep. (5-6 hour walk)

Day 09  Chaklani campsite 

Today we climb up towards the ridge between the Malana and Beas Valleys, which is about 3.500 Meters, and onwards to Chaklani. This is a spectacular camping ground located above the tree line, without any sounds from civilization! We will be camping at an altitude of 3.400 meters, just below the ridge. We will also be having a repeat of last night, and shall end the day with a bonfire on a gorgeous starry night, enjoying dinner surrounded by nature. (5-6 hour walk)

Day 10  Nagruni Meadow camp site

Today we are leaving Chaklani and heading to Nagruni. We cross the Chandrakahani Pass at 3.660 meters, and continue into the Malana Valley towards the Indrasan Peak. We will be camping at Nagruni Meadow, in which we will be able to observe and take in the breath-taking view of the Himalayan, snow-capped mountains, which widely spread across the valley.

Day 11  Lower ridge camp site

Nagruni is the further point we will pursuit in this trek, so from here we will start thinking about returning! So we head across the Chandrakhani Pass, into the Beas Valley, and then finish by passing through huge Rhododendron fields and un-spoilt forest. This will be a moderate downhill walk back to the camp. (6 hour walk)

Day 12  Naggar

We will be returning to Naggar, through the traditional villages of Pulag and Rumsu, descending to 1.760 meters. This is another long walk, which is mostly downhill, so relax! Well-deserved hot showers and dinner will await you in the Ragini Cottages. So let your hair down, have a good time, and go a bit crazy! (6 hour walk)

Day 13  Naggar

Today you have a free day to relax and wind down in Naggar. If you want to continue exploring, we can take a trip to a small hidden village in a valley that is unknown. In a place where there are beliefs of witches, stories floating around in whispers. With wooden houses, tucked away and covered by huge rocks. If you are struggling to walk in a straight line after last night, they are jeeps that can take those that don’t want to take on the challenge. There are even Ayurvedic massages available that can be booked at the Ragini Cottages. It’s well worth checking out!

Day 14 – 15  Kullu 

We shall be visiting the Kulla Dusshera Festival for an impressive photography expedition; all those photography lovers will be in absolute heaven. Dusserhra is a wonderful Hindu festival that celebrates the Hindu god Rama, and his victory over the demon king Ravana, and thus he triumph of good evil. The atmosphere of this festival is highly addictive and unique. Thousands of people from all the villages around Kullu come in a very special, religious mood, performing religious rituals like nowhere else in India. The world dissolves at this time, and nothing else exists.

Day 16  Vashisht – Manali

Today you have a free day, but we suggest a visit to the hot springs of Vashisht, maybe a spot of souvenir shopping in Manali, and just some general hanging out, exploring, and weaving in and out of crowds.

Day 17  Delhi

It’s off back to Delhi today, and onwards home. We believe you will be achy and sore the next few days, but in the nice kind of way!