Day 01  Delhi

Flying independently to the chaotic, yet mind-boggling Delhi. Check in the hotel, free day to wander around, explore and join the evening welcome meeting.

Day 02  Alsisar

Bus or taxi transfer to Shekhawati Alsisar. 240 km. (6hrs)
Sink back in your seat and catch up on your ZZZ’s, because you are now stepping foot before the starting line. Stand back and check out that eye-opening architecture around you, because tonight we will be wining and dining with a buffet under the dark desert sky. Keep an eye out for those shooting stars and make a wish…or two. Staying in Alsisar Mahal.

Day 03  Shekhavati District

Let’s get those Royal Enfield Motorcycles up and running, baby! (100 km~)
Get acquainted with your Royal Enfield in the best way possible, by taking a short but stimulating tour of the arid countryside of the Shekhavati District. Meet and greet the all-brown, bustling town of Mandawa, splashed with colourfully sari-ed up individuals. End your first day on those heated motorcycles with an evening buffet. Staying in Alsisar Mahal. 

Day 04  Alsisar – Bikaner

Now, the real deal… The start of the tour, Alsisar – Bikaner. (240 km)

On the motorway, you will be soon welcoming your second city of the tour, Bikaner. These streets are flooded with vivid bazaars, markets, and the tooting of many rickshaw horns! You will be resting your weary eyes overnight in a true palace hotel, with guaranteed heavy, satisfying snores, after yet another stomach-loving buffet. Staying in Raj Vilas Heritage Hotel.

Day 05  Jaisalmer

Leaving beautiful Bikaner, and heading to the old caravan city of Jaisalmer. (350 km)

Come and feast your eyes on this beast of a fortress of Jaisalmer, which towers over the city, high and overly superior. However, if you take a glimpse from the other side, the fortress cunningly holds hands with the sandy blankets that extend across the northern Thar Desert. Feel free to kick back and wrestle some hagglers in those bustling bazaars, and to wind in, out, and around many faces down the winding alleyways of the old city. End your epic day with a buffet in style in the palace hotel. Bet you could get used to this life, hey? Staying in the Golden Haveli.

Day 06  Day in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer in the palm of your hands.
This day is your own, and Jaisalmer awaits you. It is a free day of exploring and struggling to digest your surroundings. There are many temples that need a loving gaze from you, and there is also the Kuldhara Abandoned Village, which holds a chilling, ‘cursed’ story. If you’re not feeling bold enough for the abandoned village, there are plenty of Museums and Lakes which is enough to tickle anyone’s fancy!

Day 07  Jodhpur

Goodbye Jaisalmer, hello JODHPUR! (300km)
Jaisalmer is extraordinary and all, but it’s time to keep moving, as moving is what we do best. We are heading to the next Maharaja, boys and girls, so helmets on, buckle-up, we have a long day on an even longer road. Now, Jodhpur, a royal city founded in 1459, with the mighty Meherangarh Fort is one in a trillion! This fort casts shadows on the whole of the blue city during the evening, so make sure you clamber to the top during your free time before the sun sets to feel king (or queen) of Jodhpur! Make room in your hungry bellies for a barbecue dinner and an overnight stay in historical Marugarh Palace.

Day 08  Rohat in Pali

Fort, fort, fort. Jodhpur to Rohat in Pali (80 km)
After a chilled, lovely morning in Jodhpur, we leave early afternoon to ride to Pali. Pali is located in one of the most tranquil and green locales in Rajasthan. This is one of the ancient cities of Rajasthan with extremely old, fragile, yet sturdy temples. The famous temples of Pali are the Hatundi Rata Mahabir Temple, the Surya Narayan Temple and the Ranakpur Jain Temple. After our great temple tour, we crash at night in the Heritage Hotel Rawala Jojawar.

Day 09  Pushkar

Leaving Rohat Pali and heading to Pushkar to see the sacred lake (205 km)
Hindus from all across India consider Pushkar Lake to be one of the most sacred lakes of India. According to legend, the origin of this lake was the lotus flower petals that fell on earth from Lord Brahma’s hands. Beautiful, right? Check it out for yourself. Staying in Hotel Gulab Niwas.

Day 10  Pushkar

In, out, and around Peaceful Pushkar
The Pushkar Bazaars offer a variety of stunning, authentic items. Pushkar is a place you need to go to with a whole suitcase spare so you can stuff your case full of glorious, beautiful Rajasthani costumes, and peculiar but marvelously crafted puppets. There are also many different embroidered fabrics, souvenirs, bangles and beads, decorative pieces and accessories, embroidered shoes, brass utensils, glass lamps, hundreds of bags, belts and many more handicraft items! It truly is a day of admire such beautiful, alluring handy work. After a peaceful day, we shall be staying in the Heritage Hotel Gulab Niwas.

Day 11  Bundi

Pushing off from Pushkar and onto Bundi (180 km)
After having breakfast, we will be packing up and leaving for Bundi. The small, rural city of Bundi was the capital of last princely state of Rajasthan. It’s mostly famous for its palaces, forts, baolis (step wells) and water tanks. The monuments and their structural design imitate the splendor of the local Rajput’s chiefs. The ramparts of the palaces at Bundi are festooned with life-size frescoes showing the glory of its rulers. Staying in the heritage Hadoti Palace.

Day 12  Ranthambhore National park

Had enough of the forts for a while, how about Ranthambhore National park instead? Ahh, silence (140 km)Yes, that’s right, a bit of silence, who doesn’t need a bit of silence in their live? We will be taking the meditative, quiet, lovely country road to Ranthambhore National Park. Also, let’s exchange those roars of the growling Royal Enfield, for a roar of a majestic tiger. It may happen tomorrow… Staying in Tiger moon Resort.

Day 13  Ranthambhore National Park

Ranthambhore National Park, for the animal lovers!
Right guys, keep your eyes extremely peeled and on the lookout for those tigers, hyenas, bears, crocodiles, elephants, and more. For centuries, Ranthambhore was a hunting ground for the maharajas, who even created artificial lakes and watering holes to attract big game. We say good riddance to hunting, and now we happily welcome sights of some of the richest wildlife in India. Let us end our animal spotting day with a sun downer on the roof of the Jhoomar Baorii hunting lodge, and return to resort for dinner and a peaceful night’s snooze! Staying in Tiger Moon Resort.

Day 14  Karauli

The rare and wonderful Ranthambore trip is over, but now we waltz onto temple scattered, Karauli (120 km)
Karauli was founded in 1348 and is best known for its famous temples Shri Madan Mohan Temple, Shri Mahaveer Temple, Shri Kaila Devi Temple, Shri Balaji Temple and many more. This place is like temple heaven! The Bhanwar Vilas Palace, which is owned by the descendants of the royal family and resembles a large manor, is a heritage hotel now.

Day 15  Bharatpur

Onto Bharatpur. Our last day on the Royal Enfields, make it count! (120 km)
So, this shall be our last day on the Enfield. Leaving Kurali and heading towards Bharatpur. Close your eyes, feel the breeze whizzing past your face, and let the roars underneath you do their thing. We have a lively, dynamic mix of country roads and national highways today, so your enthusiasm and curiosity should be at its highest! After a long day on the road, we will be spending the night in the nature’s reserves palace hotel. Bliss! Staying in Udai Vilas Palace.

Day 16  Bharatpur – Agra – Delhi.

Kiss that Royal Enfield goodbye; we have a bus tour today. Bharatpur – Agra – Delhi.
Of course, no tour of India is complete without a visit to the mind-blowing, whopping, Taj Mahal and the neighboring Red Fort. The Emperor built the Taj to house the tomb of his favorite wife of three, Mumtaz. There isn’t  just stunning, striking, architecture and marble situated here inside, but also a lot of romantic and powerful history. After, we will be making a brief stop for lunch during the four-hour trip to Delhi (190km). There we will have our farewell dinner and we shall relax before taking our flight back home. Later that night, we will be heading towards the airport for check in time.

Day 17  Delhi

It’s a sad day, this one… However, time to fly home or to your next destination. Alavidā!
Well, it has been a fabulous trip, but it is time to part ways. Safe travelling, and see you again, friends!