Trekking in India

How to Prepare for Trekking in the Himalayas

Trekking in India is one of the most popular attractions for many tourists from all over the world. In this post let me share some important information about the recommended preparations that should be done before a trek on the beautiful mountains of the Himalayan Ridge.

One more thing I should add before getting to the nitty gritty is that all the information, tips, and suggestions do not apply for professional mountaineering. I am covering basic treks in India where non require any special skills or gear.

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Get ready and prepare trekking in the Indian Himalaya.

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  1. Try your best not to carry on your back more than 12-13kg.  I know it’s very tempting before the trek to organise your bag and know what to bring along but after a number of hours of walking you will definitely appreciate and be very thankful for a lighter bag.
  2. See trekking gear check list.
  3. Check the weather. The weather in the Himalayas can be very tricky and you will have to be very flexible on when to begin your trek.
  4. There are options for renting a porter who will carry your gear for you and that will cost approximately 400-500 rupees a day. It is a  good option if you feel you’re not fit enough or if you think it will allow you the enjoy the road better. Porters can be found everywhere. In every village that you will begin your trek there will be many porters eager to join you. If you pre-plan the trek via us we will offer you a porter service and it will be up to you whether you decide that you require the service or not.
  5. Always have a first aid kit with you.
  6. You should always check if you need any permits for the trek and this is advice that we can help you with. In some regions permits are required due to security reasons or for your own safety. For which ever reason without the relevant permits prepared you will not be able to go. In case you want to find out whether you need a permit for a certain trek please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.
  7. It is definitely worth considering hiring a guide for the trek. There are many treks which can be completed without a guide however, for some treks it is wiser to have a guide with you and will make the trek much safer. Usually when you want to trek for longer than one or two days we highly recommend taking a guide. It is not for the information and knowledge that you want him although that is a bonus, but for leading you to the right place. Do not expect from guides to explain to you about history, geophysics, geology etc. Most of them do not know and you should be happy if they speak English at all, but than again remember that they are vital for the success of the trek. Nobody knows the terrain, the trails and the way better than them!

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